BBC iPlayer Not Working On Your Smart TV? Fix With These Easy Steps


Is your BBC iPlayer app not working properly on your smart TV? Are you having trouble loading the app as well? This guide will take out the guesswork and let you discover the reasons and offer practical and quick solutions for the common BBC iPlayer app problems.

BBC iPlayer is an app that you can download on your game console, smart TV, phone, computer, or tablet to watch BBC programmes online. You can also use the Live Restart feature to watch a specific program from the start that’s being shown live on TV at that moment. However, this app has its fair share of bugs and errors.

What Do You Do When BBC iPlayer Stops working?

bbc iplayer not working on smart tv

Your BBC iPlayer can stop working due to many reasons. The most common BBC iPlayer app problems are:

  • Your TV gets stuck on the app’s welcome screen
  • BBC iPlayer app crashes frequently
  • App buffers a lot
  • You are experiencing a grey or blank screen when the app is launched

To fix these issues, let’s take a look at a few DIY methods.

Fix#1 Relaunch BBC iPlayer App / Reboot Smart TV

The first and easiest way to fix the BBC iPlayer app issue is simply to relaunch it. Secondly, smart TV restart acts as a cure-all to many issues as well. To do this:

  • Press the back button on your smart TV remote to get back to the main Apps menu
  • Choose the BBC iPlayer app again to relaunch it
  • Check to see if any issue persists, if it does, keep your TV power on and unplug the AC power plug from the wall
  • Press & hold the TV power button for more than 30 seconds.
  • Wait 5 minutes, replug the TV, and turn it back on.
  • Launch the BBC iPlayer app and verify that it is not crashing all the time.

Fix#2 Reboot Modem and Router

If the BBC iPlayer is not working on your smart TV, then the problem will most likely be with your network hardware. To solve this issue:

  • Unplug the AC power of your router and modem from the wall
  • Wait 30 seconds
  • Replug the modem and wait 60 seconds
  • After 60 seconds, replug the router and wait another 2 minutes
  • Check to see if the app is working properly

Fix#3 Update the BBC iPlayer App and Clear Cache

For an effective fix for all of your common BBC iPlayer app issues, do the following steps one by one:

  • Update your BBC iPlayer app
  • Log out of the iPlayer app and log in again
  • Clear browsing data and cache memory from your TV
  • Launch the app and verify that you don’t see any grey or blank screen
  • If the issue persists, delete the BBC iPlayer app from your TV and install it again

Fix#4 Change DNS Settings Of Your Smart TV

Quite often, changing the DNS settings of your smart TV can work like magic to solve the BBC iPlayer app problems. To change the settings on your TV:

  • Press Menu on your remote and select Network –> Network Status
  • Select IP settings –> DNS Settings
  • Select the option to manually enter the DNS address
  • Type in in the Primary DNS field
  • Type in in the secondary DNS field

Fix#5 Factory Reset Your Smart TV

You can factory reset your smart TV to fix a few problems with your BBC iPlayer app. To do this:

  • Press the Menu button on your smart TV remote and select Settings
  • Select Self-diagnosis or Support option (Options can vary according to TV models)
  • Choose the Reset option and enter the default pin i.e 0000
  • After the reset, open the BBC iPlayer app and check to see if any issue persists.

Fix#6 Update TV Software

Some apps can stop working if your TV software is not up-to-date. To update your TV software:

  • Navigate to TV Settings –>Software Update –> Update Now
  • After the updates are installed, open the BBC iPlayer app and look for any sign of an error

Fix#7 Configure WIFI Signal For BBC iPlayer”Something Went Wrong” Error

Does your BBC iPlayer app continuously lose connection with the server? Here’s a quick fix.

  • Log in to your router.
  • If you are running 2.4 GHz, change the WIFI mode from 802.11 b/g/n mixed to 802.11n.
  • If you are running 5 GHz, change the WIFI mode to 802.11ac.
  • Launch the BBC iPlayer app and check to see if the connection is successfully established.

Why Has BBC iPlayer Disappeared From My TV?

bbc iplayer not working on smart tv

Has your BBC iPlayer app icon disappeared from your smart TV? To counter this problem, you can change the country location on your smart TV yourself or contact your TV’s manufacturer to connect to your smart TV remotely and do it for you. Quite a few users got their BBC iPlayer app icon back on their smart TVs this way.

Alternatively, you can factory reset your TV to get your app back in working order again.

How Do I Update BBC iPlayer On My Smart TV?

bbc iplayer not working on smart tv

A lot of times, resting your BBC iPlayer can also solve a lot of problems within the app.  To reset your BBC iPlayer on your smart TV:

  • Go to the Settings or Featured option
  • Navigate to the BBC iPlayer app
  • Click on it and press and hold the Enter button on the remote until a sub-menu appears
  • Select Update Apps –> Select all –>Update
  • If an update is available, the BBC iPlayer will start updating

How Do I reset BBC iPlayer On My Smart TV?

bbc iplayer not working on smart tv

Sometimes, the BBC iPlayer app needs to reset to clear all the settings, history, and user accounts. To reset your iPlayer app:

  • Access the main Settings of your smart TV
  • Go to the Apps section and choose the BBC iPlayer app
  • Under the BBC iPlayer Setting menu, choose Reset app
  • Sign in again to the app with the older or new login credentials


At any time, if your BBC iPlayer app is not working on your smart TV, it can cause great frustration as you won’t be able to enjoy your favourite programmes. Hopefully, this guide answered your queries and let you discover and address new ways to fix the most common issues that are going on with this app. 


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