Bumble Error Message: How To Fix And Get Dating Again


Bumble is a pioneer of the dating world. With the girl’s message first premise, the app is hugely successful. With over 12.3 million users worldwide, dating on Bumble has never been easier. However, what about when you experience errors on the site?

Some mistakes can stop you from using the app altogether, but how do you know whether it is an issue with your device or a bug?

We’ve rounded up some of the most common Bumble error messages from 2021 and found out how do you go about fixing these errors and what do they actually mean?

Bumble error message
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Causes of Bumble issues

There are five main reasons why you are likely to encounter issues on Bumble these are:

  • Internet issues
  • Your app needs updating
  • You’ve signed into the wrong account
  • Your user has been banned
  • Bumble is down

How do you go about fixing these issues to get back to online dating as soon as possible? Keep reading to find out.

Internet issues

If you are experiencing app issues, your Bumble will likely be impacted by this too. If you’re using wifi and your home is suffering wifi shortages, or you’re low on mobile dating, this can cause issues. These frustrating issues can usually be solved by rebooting your router or topping up your mobile data.

Your app needs updating.

Bumble may not be working for you if your device needs updating. Depending on how long it has been since you last updated the app, you may notice that you can’t even open the app anymore. Simply head to your app store, and choose update. Or, if you’re unable to access this, delete the app from your phone and then reinstall it. That way, you will have the latest version of the app on your phone.

You’ve signed into the wrong account

If you’re trying to sign in and unable to do so, you may have made another account. Maybe your account was created with a spelling error, the wrong provider, or you’ve used an email you are unable to gain access to, all can make it seem like you’ve not got an account with Bumble. However, if you reach out to customer services, they should help you resolve this issue. But if you use Facebook to log in to Bumble, here are some helpful tips to get your account back..

Your user has been banned.

You’ll receive a similar error to the above if your account has been banned. You will be unable to access your account if this happens. If you are looking to dispute this, customer services can provide you with the steps to get this fixed.

Bumble Error Message
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Bumble error message what does it mean?

Like most dating sites, Bumble suffers from outages and errors. However, Bumble doesn’t display errors in the same way a typical site may do. They don’t provide error codes to their users. You are likely to discover that the site is down by not fully loading or by searching on social media.

To find out if Bumble is down, fans of the dating site use the hack of search #bumbledown on Twitter; this will usually showcase tweets of users who are also trying to gain access. If this appears to be a large number, then it is likely down.

As well as using hashtags on Twitter, the Bumble tweet page regularly advises of issues.

Are you getting the Tinder error message? Here are four simple steps to fix the Tinder error. 

Bumble is down error message.

The final standard error that Bumble users come across is that Bumble is down. However, like most apps, it doesn’t state this. Your app often takes a long time to load, fails to load or simply does nothing when it is down. To determine if it’s down, you can check Bumble’s down detector for more info.

Bumble Error message
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How do you know when your Bumble account has been banned?

Do you suspect your Bumble account has been banned? Here are some signs that your account has been banned-

  1. If Bumble has blocked you, you are usually shown an error message when you try to sign in. This states you’ve been blocked and potential reasons as to why. But if you don’t get this message, one of the following may still apply.
  2. You are unable to login into your account using your password and username
  3. You no longer show up for users, be sure to ask a match outside of the app to look at your conversation; usually, Bumble will remove your picture.

Do bear in mind, though, if the account appears to have been blocked/closed down, you can actually appeal this with Bumble. However, it is unlikely it will be overturned or looked at due to the high amount of accounts they go through.

If you’re unable to gain access to Bumble and aren’t sure why this is – we hope you’ve found this post helpful and are now able to get back to dating on Bumble. If you still require further help, please do get in touch as we’d be more than happy to assist.


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