Disney Plus error code 73 on Firestick: Compatibility, cause and fix


Over six years ago, in 2014, Amazon released its entertainment dongle, the Firestick. While brought out as a smaller version of Amazon Fire TV, the device still provides a huge amount of content to enjoy.

Many apps can be installed on the Firestick, from Netflix to Hayu, and as of November 2019, the Disney+ app was made available to customers in the USA.

Disney+ was launched a little later in the UK, in March 2020, and since its emergence, some users of the app have encountered error codes.

Seeing Disney Plus error code 73 while using your Firestick could be a cause for concern, but we take a look into the issue to get this up and running as quickly as possible.

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Does Disney Plus work on Fire TV stick?

Yes, the Disney+ app works on the Amazon Firestick, however, if you’ve been faced with error code 73, it might not seem that way.

The Disney+ app works on a vast array of devices and consoles such as Samsung, LG and Sony TVs. iOS, Android and Roku devices are also compatible. Plus, if you’re into gaming and own a PlayStation or Xbox the app works on there too.

Error code 73 is nothing to worry about, by following the steps below, we can get Disney+ working again on your Firestick.

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Amazon Firestick: What is Disney Plus error code 73?

Before purchasing Disney+, ensure that the app is available in your region.

Error code 73 occurs if there is a location error, however, content availability must be taken into consideration.

What’s available to watch in the US will be different from the UK. From Bambi to The Sword in the Stone, there’s a whole host of content available for Disney+ subscribers across the world, but from country to country, this content will differ.

If you’re safe in the knowledge that the film or TV show that you’re trying to watch on Disney+ is definitely available in your region but you’re still encountering error code 73, this could either be linked to connectivity or compatibility issues.

Disney Plus blocking VPN

It’s also important to consider how you’re attempting to watch Disney+ content. If you’re using a VPN (Virtual Private Network), then seeing error code 73 may not be too concerning.

Since a VPN is used to make it look like you’re watching Disney+ from somewhere other than where you are in the world, location issues can be expected.

To ensure the best possible chances of watching Disney+ using a VPN, make sure that the one you choose is paid for and compatible with Disney+.

Surfshark, Express VPN, NordVPN and PureVPN are all viable options to use the app.


How to fix Disney Plus error code 73 on Firestick

If you’re experiencing Disney+ error code 73 on your Firestick, please run through the following steps.

  • Reset your internet router. Turn the hub off, turn it off at the wall and unplug. Wait around five minutes, then plug the router back in, switch on the hub. Now, wait for the hub to reboot.
  • Run through the same steps with your television. Turn off the TV at the wall, unplug. Wait around five minutes, then plug the TV back in – but don’t switch it on yet.
  • Remove the Amazon Firestick from the HDMI port, then connect it again with the TV off.
  • Now switch on the TV (with the Firestick plugged in).
  • Attempt to open Disney+ and select something to watch.
  • If you still encounter error code 73, close the app. Remove the Firestick from the HDMI port again and re-insert (with the TV on). Attempt to open Disney+ and select something to watch once more and Disney+ should now be working.

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