What Is EE Error Code 28: Heres How To Fix The Texting Error


If you are trying to send a message via SMS or make a phone call and you’re getting the EE error code 28, this can be frustrating. With this error code, you are unable to send messages abroad nor make calls. But if you’re unsure why you have this message and how to go about fixing it, keep reading for further guidance.

What is ee error 28?

The error code 28 occurs when sending a text to an international number from your ee mobile phone. You usually find out about the error after trying to send a text. If the issue also applies in the UK, it may be worth contacting EE directly, as this may be like a different error. No matter which country you are trying to message, look into your package to find out if there are any errors in place.

Error code 28

Why am I getting EE error code 28?

This error code is standard amongst those who are with EE. If you are receiving this error, check if any of the following apply to you-

Texting an international number

If you text an international number and get an SMS back, advising of this error code, your phone cannot text that number. Even if you have a Pay As You Go Bundle, it is unlikely it includes texts or calls abroad. You can send messages internationally with EE. It just means that you need additional credit to do so.

Not having the right package set up.

To allow your phone to send international messages, you need to contact EE to get their free add-on. This will enable you to send texts abroad for the fraction it would without. To opt in to this service, text CALL ABROAD to 150. You can also log in to your My EE app or the website. If you’d like to opt-out of this, you need to call 150.

All EE contracts/deals allow texts abroad; however, you need to opt into their service to save a considerable amount of money.

No credit

If you have no credit or a small amount available, this may not be enough to cover the cost of a message. Unfortunately, texts abroad are not protected in your package. If you have 250 texts with your deal, these cannot be used towards messaging an international number as these require an add-on.

What are the costs associated with sending a message abroad

Here are the rates of a phone call or text from a UK number aboard here:

Error code 28

How to fix ee error code

This is an error code that isn’t a technical error. However, if you want to send texts or make calls to another country, you need an add-on and credit. Although this may seem expensive to start with, sending it via add-on saves a lot.

If none of the above statements applies to you, it is always worth doing the following:

  • Take out your sim card > reboot the phone > add the sim card back in
  • Try sending a text to a UK number and see if you get the same error message


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Send international messages for free

Although messaging abroad via SMS costs a fee per message/call, using a 3rd party app can save on these costs. Using a messaging app such as Whatsapp or Telegram provides you with the option to send messages via the internet/mobile data. Using an app like this is a game-changer for those with abroad friends and family.

If you’re wondering how to upgrade your package or for further information, check out the EE help section on their website for more details.


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