Enacfire Wireless Headphones Review


Wireless headphones are becoming the new norm in today’s day and age. With thousands and thousands of companies having their say in the wireless market that it has rather quickly become extremely saturated from cheap knock-offs to market-leading brands trying to put their own twist on how these headphones will work. The Enacfire Wireless Headphone gives you up to 18H battery life, High-Quality Sounds, and Deep Bass that will keep you rocking out even in the least ideal environments. In this article we are going to review the Enacfire Wireless Headphones, we will dive into the key features, the battery time, sound quality, and adaptive software to see if these are the wireless headphones that everyone should be buying at the amazing price point in which they are set!

Enacfire Wireless Headphones

The key features of these wireless headphones are as follows.

  • Up To 18H Playtime
  • Stable And Smooth Connection
  • 33ft – 66ft Connection Range
  • Automatic Pairing Technology
  • Portable Mini Charging Case
  • IPX7 Rating
  • Magnetic Charging Technology
  • Ability To Go Back And Forward


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The Features

Although Enacfire may not be one of the biggest brands that are out there they definitely should not be overlooked. We are going to dive into the features that the Enacfire Wireless Headphones provide throughout this review and then we will show that these wireless headphones can actually compete with some of the biggest market-leading companies out there but still do it at this amazing price point.


Enacfire Wireless Headphones give the ability to have up to 18H battery life. With the special portable charging case, it allows you to recharge on the go. So you never run out of battery whether it be mid-flight, run or adventure you will always be able to top up your charge and keep on rocking.

Each charge provides you with normally around 4 hours of battery life. With an additional 14 hours worth of charge inside the portable cabin that will mean that you can tackle pretty much any trip that you can think of without having to actually charge your headphones with a cable. Just take out your portable case, put them in, and soon you’ll be back on your way.

Bluetooth Connection

When it comes to Enacfire Future Wireless Headphones there is no need to worry about connectivity. They are now made with Bluetooth version 5, a version of Bluetooth connectivity that is used worldwide in some of the largest technology devices around.

As soon as the headphones are switched on they are automatically ready for pairing so there is no need to hit any further buttons to try and pair them up with your phone. Another step that Enacfire Future is taking to make their headphones that one step better than their competitors.

Connection Range

The Enacfire Future Wireless Headphones come with a 33ft-66ft Connection Range.

There is nothing that is more annoying than whenever you are tackling your newest adventure and you get further away from your phone and whilst you are mid-mountain climb or trying to get that perfect photo and suddenly, you hear a beep and you’ve lost your music.

That’s why Enacfire has pulled it out of the bag with an effective connection range of up to 66ft. Which will surely meet all of your adventuring needs.

Automatic Pairing Technology

Automatic Pairing Technology is an ability that lets us pair our headphones to our selected streaming devices with ease. Just take the headphones out of their charging case, turn them on and they will instantly be available to pair. If you are using your phone you will be able to then go into your Bluetooth connectivity settings, pair with them and then every time after that they will automatically pair once switched on.

A lot of the reason many old people are put off some of the more modern-day technology. Is that if you didn’t grow up with it, it can often be hard to grasp. Pairing things, setting up different apps and software, and finding the right platforms to stream your audio from can often be quite daunting for the older generation.

Enacfire has decided to combat this by giving us Automatic Pairing Technology.

Portable Mini Charging Case

Throughout this article, we have mentioned about Enacfire Future having a charging case. This is a small, portable case in which you can place the earbuds in. Once set in correctly they will then begin to charge automatically. The charging case is able to be charged up separately from the earbuds themselves. Then allowing you to charge it up and take it with you as a portable battery pack. Once the charging case has run out of battery you can simply connect it to the Micro USB cable provided and top it back up.

This option is the reason that Enacfire is able to guarantee you hours of deep bass, high-quality sound for hours and hours.

IPX7 Rating

When it comes to wireless earbuds and headphones, the main worry is that they can get wet and start to malfunction. Whether it be from running in the rain to adventuring through lakes and waterfalls. Enacfire has included an IPX7 Rating. Which means they are fully dust and waterproof.

With this rating, it means that you are now able to have the confidence to take your headphones with you wherever you like and never have to worry about them breaking down because of a little water.

Magnetic Charging Technology

Having to plug cables into your headphones is old news. Enacfire has a design that will certainly shock you especially at this price point,. Magnetic Charging Technology will allow you to place your earbuds into their charging case and they will click into place magnetically. Making sure that you never miss a charge and making the case extremely easy to use.

A lot of time with wireless charging we always seem to place our devices in the wrong place. Leading us to think we are charging up any of our devices only to find out that we haven’t managed to get it right.

Gone are those days and Enacfire has created a great piece of technology for this price point. So you are always charging no matter what with their Magnetic Wireless Charging Technology.

Navigating your music

The Enacfire Future will allow you to navigate through your music. Forwarding and rewinding your tunes to make sure that you can relive your favourite part.

A lot of times with wireless earbuds you will find out that because there is no longer a wire to place buttons on that they will take away this ability which in turn limits the user’s experience.

Not with this design, they have managed to find a place for the buttons to make sure that you have full control over your sounds.




Now that we have had a deeper look into these wireless earbuds, we just want to go over a few points and talk about the kind of headphones the Enacfire Future is.


The Enacfire Future has a unique design. The design is based on comfort as well as practicality. They want us to have a full comfort experience but also be able to go about our adventures.

In the box, they include three options for ear tips. They come in Small, Medium, and Large. This will allow you to change the ear tips around to make sure that you have the perfect fit for your ears so you never miss a beat.

In their design they have also done something interesting with the actual physical build quality and the design itself. The earbuds have been put at a 120-degree angle so that the earbuds fit snuggly into the inner sides of your ears for ultimate comfort and usability. This will also limit the amount of background noise that you can hear because of how great the fit is.

All in all the build quality is very strong, reliable and it is designed to perfectly fit all of your needs. They have really hit the nail on this head with this and will certainly be the headphones you pick up on your next adventure.

Hi-Fi Stereo Sound Quality And Deep Bass

The design is also inside the buds. Enacfire has implemented and High-QualitySound Chip right inside the buds so that you can get the best possible sound through each bud. They claim to be on of the most advanced headphones there is right now and will surely make you feel like you are right in front of the music. They also include a very rich deep bass which will really be sure to immerse you into your sounds making sure you don’t miss a beat.

One Key Operation

With these wireless headphones, you can be sure you are going to get a much better experience than you’ve ever had before.

With one key operation, it allows you to have full control over your audio with just one key. we are going to list the features of this below so that once you’ve made your purchase you can jump straight into your audio.

Power on – Hold the button for 2 seconds

Play – Press Once

Pause – Press Once

Answer Phone Calls – Press Once

Hang Up – Press Once

Next Song – Press Twice On Right Earbud

Previous Song – Press Twice On Left Earbud

On the Enacfire earbuds, the LEFT Earbud is the master ear bud. This means that only one earbud, the master left earbud will receive sound when you answer a phone call. Not on the right earbud. It also is suggested that you keep your streaming device (phone etc..) as close to the left earbud as possible to ensure a secure connection.

It is an unusual thing to only receive audio through one of the earbuds when receiving a call. However, with the built-in microphone it doesn’t really take away from the experience. As most of us would normally have to hold the earphone with the speaker on it closer to our mouths anyways to ensure that the call is clear.


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We are now going to compare the Enacfire Future with the Enacfire G20. They are a more expensive version of the earbuds, just to see how close these wireless earbuds can get to a more expensive version.

So let’s get to comparing.


Whilst the Enacfire Future has a 4 HR per charge battery life length with the additional 14 hours included inside the charging case. Each charge will last you between 80 to 100 songs. The Enacfire G20 has an 8 HR battery life per charge, with an additional 4-5 charges in the charging case. Equalling to around 32-40 hours. Each charge will last you between 140-160 songs.


The Futures come with Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility. The G20’s also have the exact same Bluetooth version. Meaning connectivity, signal strength, and how easy it is to be paired are the same in both models. This is a big one as when it comes to wireless earbuds the main focus is on how reliable the connection is, without this there is no audio. So a massive win for the Futures being in the exact same bracket as the more expensive G20’s


Let’s start with the G20’s this time. The G20’s being more expensive is obviously able to provide more features in this lane. The G20’s include the latest CVC 8.0 noise cancellation technology. They also have impressive audio output built-in to their chip allowing you to feel the bass.

On the other hand, the Features. Although they do not include CVC 8.0 noise cancellation technology. They do have that built-in chipset in their buds. Which provides the same smooth, crisp, bass-filled audio that you can’t resist. For a lower price point.

IP Rating:

The G20’s have an IPX8 Rating, whilst the Futures have an IPX7. Now there isn’t much of a difference, with both being able to repeal dust, water, sweat, etc… The only difference with these is the duration of time in which they can repeal them under extreme conditions is. IPX7 can be submerged in water up to 1 meter for around 30 minutes. Whilst IPX8 can be submerged a bit more than one meter. The exact amount will be specified by the manufacturer and you will be able to find it in the booklet that comes with your earbuds. Unless you are planning on going scuba diving with your earbuds in there isn’t much of a difference between the two.

Design and Fit:

Both models of Enacfire Earbuds follow the same trend when it comes to fitment in the ear. They provide you with a set of Small, Medium, and Large ear tips allowing you to pick and choose between them to find the fit that suits you best. Once you find the perfect fit it means that they will sit tightly in the inner portion of your ear which will thus allow you to then do your daily activities, exercise, and adventures without having to worry about them falling out.

When it comes to design, the Features go for a more small, minimalist type of design, with a small case and then that ear tip that is angled at 120 degrees to provide a more secure feel. They are also some bit lighter than the G20’s at 80g, whilst the G20’s are 100g+.

The G20’s have a more straight and larger design. With the case resembling the first-generation AirPods. Sort of like a toothbrush effect. Their ear tips also seem to be more straight without much of an angle to them, potentially letting go of that secure and tight feeling.

The G20’s do come with a touch-sensitive control instead of a physical button on the Features. Some people may like that however it could cause a lot of problems if tested in harsh weather conditions. We all know what it’s like trying to type on our phones when it rains. Hopefully, this doesn’t prove the same, especially during important phone calls or emails. The physical button often proves to be more reliable and reward when pushed as you can always be in full control of what is going on without the risk of any miss-hit buttons.

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All in all, you can see that these two devices are very much like each other. They have barely any differences apart from price point. They are both truly wireless earbuds. Packed with abilities and allowing you full control.

The sound quality on both wireless earbuds is second to none and Enacfire is sure to be the market leader one day soon. Finding a pair of wireless earbuds for this price is hard to do, especially with the quality that ones like the Enacfire installments always do.

After reviewing the Enacfire Future Wireless Earbuds, you can clearly see that these earbuds are specifically designed for the adventurers, the people who want their earbuds to work with them, who love endless control, no wires, unlimited portability, and beautiful design.

These earbuds are made with state of the art technology and a market-leading price. You will look on the market and see other wireless earbuds or headphones with these features and they will normally be upwards of £50 at minimum. Enacfire has completely undercut the market, making them as cheap as some market-leading brand knockoffs that pack nowhere near the same amount of features.

Diving into the useability of these earbuds, seeing how reliable they are and how much they change your perspective on the market was truly inspiring. From being able to take the earbuds with you everywhere you go to answering a phone call no matter how high you may go. At this price range for a pair of truly wireless earbuds, is great.

If you enjoyed reading this article feel free to check out our many others. You can also give us your feedback and follow our moves by going onto our social media and giving us a like or a follow. We would love to hear what you think and if you decide to purchase these wireless earbuds we would be interested in seeing what your thoughts are!



Are Enacfire headphones good?

Yes, The Enacfire Future Wireless Headphones are extremely good headphones as they come with the newest advanced technology for pairing and wireless charging, amazing portability, and have long-lasting battery life. They include market-leading features at a market-leading price point. Enacfire Headphones have been revolutionizing the market showing that we can get big specs at a low price.

Are Enacfire future waterproof?

Yes, Enacfire Future Wireless Earbuds are completely dust and waterproof, they come with a IPX7 IP Rating. This means that the Enacfire Future can be submerged up to one meter below water for up to 30 minutes. This will allow them to be taken on all kinds of adventures and not have to worry about them breaking down and making the journey less enjoyable. With an IPX7 Rating there is full confidence that these earbuds are up to the challenge.

How do I pair my Enacfire headphones?

To pair the Enacfire Future Headphones, firstly take them out from their charging case and power them on, then go to the Bluetooth setting menu on your phone and pair with the wireless earbuds. After that, they only have to be removed from the charging case and powered on and they will automatically pair with the device of choice. Removing all the fuss and confusion from pairing your earbuds and enjoying your experience a lot more seamlessly. With the Enacfire Future Wireless Earbuds, they come with technology built to make your pairing experience simple.

How do you charge Enacfire earbuds?

To charge the Enacfire Future Wireless Earbuds, simply place them in their charging case companion and they will connect with the state of the art Magnetic Charging Technology to make sure that they are charging with no hassle. If the charging case is out of juice, simply connect the charging case via Micro USB. The case will then hold an additional 14 hours of playtime whilst the earbuds will have a further 4 hours in them. Giving a total of 18 Hours of Playtime.


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