Firestick unable to update on setup? Troubleshoot the issue – get your TV working again


Whether you have a regular or a Smart TV, making use of Amazon Fire TV Stick means that your viewing options can be expanded.

Many apps, from Netflix to Disney+, can be easily installed on a Firestick taking our home entertainment to the next level.

The most up-to-date Firesticks also come with Alexa so you can even control your TV via your voice.

Setting up an Amazon Firestick should be straightforward, however, as with a lot of electronics, things can be complex from time to time. So, let’s take a look at what to do if your Firestick is unable to update on setup.

Firestick unable to update on setup
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Firestick unable to update on setup

If you’re setting up your Firestick but find that the device is ‘unable to update’, this can be very frustrating.

However, we can run through some simple steps to get the Firestick up and running.

Firstly, the Amazon Fire TV Stick may not be getting enough power. To sort this issue out, use a power adapter to connect the Firestick directly to a power source. Then reboot the TV and Firestick and it should now update on setup.

If this hasn’t worked, try changing the Firestick’s IP settings. Head to Network settings on your Firestick and change the DNS to a generic setting of ‘’ and ‘’. Now turn off the TV and reboot both the TV and Firestick.

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Still seeing the ‘unable to update’ message?

If you’re still seeing the error message of ‘unable to update’, a simple solution can be turning off the TV at the mains, unplugging both the TV and the Firestick form the TV. Wait around five minutes then plug everything back in and reboot/

It is also advised to restart the Firestick should you encounter issues. To do this, please head to Settings > Device > Restart.

A factory reset of the Firestick may be beneficial, too. Hold the ‘Right’ and ‘Back’ buttons down for 10 seconds simultaneously. You should see a message prompting to factory reset, then follow the on-screen instructions.

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Firestick unable to update: Network issues

Finally, the ‘unable to update’ error message may appear if there is a network error.

Assuming that you are using a home Wi-Fi connection to access the internet, signal strength can be an issue.

Try turning off the Home Hub, wait around five minutes, then reboot the Wi-Fi router. Once the router has rebooted and the Firestick is reconnected, it should now run smoothly.

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