Fix Bluetooth Headphones Stuttering: Connected to Samsung TV


Music is one of the best forms of escapism. When you’re trapped in a sound bubble streaming your favourite tunes you don’t expect anything to go wrong. With a Samsung TV, Bluetooth headphones stuttering can be an issue for some users.

Having trouble with sound issues and don’t know where to start? Follow these steps in getting your Samsung TV connection back up and running again on Bluetooth headphones.

A lot of the time, Bluetooth connection issues can be solved with some simple troubleshooting tips.
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Why Are My Bluetooth Headphones Stuttering?

If your Bluetooth headphones are stuttering, the issue is often due to an interruption or disconnection in the signal between wireless points.

Problems can occur if changes are made in your device’s operating system. Another aspect to consider is a system update. If an update has been completed on your computer’s software or mobile app, stuttering may occur.

Stuttering can also occur as a result of an object physically blocking the connection.

Samsung TV: How to Fix Bluetooth Headphones Stuttering

The best way to start with this issue is by turning your Bluetooth connection on and off. It’s inconvenient to stop your listening session but this is often a quick solution.

If a trusty switch off and on again didn’t work, you should try unpairing and repairing your device or limiting the number of devices connected via Bluetooth at once.

As obvious as it sounds, make sure you have your external device’s volume turned up.

If a number for the volume is not displayed on the screen, follow these steps:

  • Select Settings > Sound > Sound Output

If these basic fixes don’t stop the stutter problem, you need to move onto more advanced techniques and find out why the issue is present.

With Samsung TVs, a lot of its users have explained that you need to buy specific soundbars/headphones to match your brand of TV.

Some Samsung Smart TVs will only let you pair a Samsung soundbar and it won’t pick up any other Bluetooth audio devices.

Enter the ‘service menu’ on your TV. Here, additional TV features, that you can tweak, will show up. Here is where users can enable full Bluetooth support on your TV.

When entering the service menu to enable full Bluetooth audio, follow these steps:

  • Option > Engineering > BT Audio > Turn On

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How to Avoid Bluetooth Headphone Audio Stuttering

Signal interference is a disruption you can steer away from. Several electronics, such as phones, laptops, microwaves, ovens or baby monitors can cause interference as many household devices function in the same frequency range.

Also, be aware that if multiple devices are connected to your Samsung TV, this interferes with the connection. If someone else has connected to the TV, their connection could automatically attempt to connect to what your device has already connected to.

Hopefully, these tips have assisted in solving your issue of Samsung TV Bluetooth headphones stuttering. Please check out more of Digi Helpdesk’s blogs to find out more about Bluetooth devices, Samsung TVs and streaming music.

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