Having Sky+ single feed mode recording problems? Here’s what to do


Sky is one of Britain’s most successful telecommunications companies having over 23 million subscribers in 2020.

With updates and new additions getting released so rapidly – the movement Sky is making is massive! Here are some simple tips and instructions to follow if you’re having recording problems on Sky+ single feed mode.

Despite being overtaken in 2007 by Freeview from being Britains largest TV service, there is still no doubt about how big Sky really is. However, sometimes even the best of the best can come with its technical issues and complications.

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What is Sky+ Single Feed Mode?

Sky single feed mode is a recent update located on their newer boxes, the DigiBoxes. It only works on the Sky+HD DigiBoxes.

A standard Sky TV setup usually works using two cable feeds that come straight from your satellite dish. This allows you to watch a TV channel whilst recording another at the same time.

However, for some, it may not be possible to have a second cable feeding into your Sky+HD box. Therefore, the next step to follow is setting your DigiBox to ‘Single Feed Mode.’

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How to set up Single Feed Mode on Sky+

  1. Ensure the Sky cable is plugged into Dish Input 1.
  2. On your Sky remote control, press the ‘Services’ button.
  3. On the ‘services’ screen, press 0, 0, 1, Select onto your remote control.
  4. Under ‘Setup’ scroll down to ‘Single Feed Mode’ and change it to ‘On’ and press ‘Select.’
  5. It usually takes a couple of minutes to complete, so don’t worry about that.

After it has finished updating, your TV should be switched to Single Feed Mode.

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Does Sky Single Feed Mode affect recordings?

Many people have been asking Sky the same question about how to fix their disrupted recordings when using the ‘Single Feed Mode’ option through settings.

What you need to remember is to never turn your Sky box off completely, leave your DigiBox on standby when the recording is due, otherwise, it won’t work.

If your recordings are still messing up, it is worth checking whether you only have one wire going to one dish input. This makes it impossible for your Sky Box to function correctly as only one tuner will be available for use.

The main thing to remember is that – if you are using two cables then ‘Single Feed Mode’ needs to be turned off. If you are however using one cable, you need to turn ‘Single Feed Mode’ on. There are some simple tips on how to turn ‘Single Feed Mode’ on above.

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