Honor 10 Lite vs Honor 8X: Which Smartphone is Better?


In today’s society, most people will have ditched their old Nokia brick phone and upgraded to a smartphone – and we can’t blame them. Smartphones have become an accessory that a lot of people can’t live without, and in this article there’s a storm brewing in the battle of the Honor 10 Lite vs Honor 8x.

In this battle we’ll reveal all about the Honor 10 Lite and the Honor 8x in our vs battle before revealing which smartphone is the best out of the two. You’ll get to know more about their camera, battery life, operating systems plus much more!

So, let’s get started in our Honor 10 Lite vs Honor 8x battle!

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Honor 10 Lite:

When people mention smartphones the first that will probably pop into the head are Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy’s. Honor may be a brand that you’re not familiar with, but we’re not going to let that put you off as this phone really does has some great features!

Released in January of 2019, Honor is the subsidiary company of Huawei, so if you’re a Huawei fan, there’s no reason not to like the Honor 10 Lite! This phone has an android 9.0 pie operating system which essentially means that as this software has android runtime enhancements, this will allow apps to launch super-fast and to use less memory.

Forget about boring standard colours like black, white and blue for your next mobile phone! The Honor 10 Lite comes in three different colours that everyone should like, including sapphire blue, sky blue and midnight black – but not the average colours that come with a lot of smartphones today, Honor have managed to jazz up these colours making it more appealing to customers.

The battle of Honor 10 Lite vs Honor 8x doesn’t really start until we get into some key main features of the phone, so let’s have a look at what the Honor 10 Lite has got to offer!

Honor 10 Lite Features:

Camera: There’s a lot to say about this camera and it may even be the most impressive that we’ve come across! ‘The camera loves you’ is a catchphrase that takes this phone to a whole new meaning. With a 24MP front camera, combined with a 4-in-1 light fusion technology3 and exposure compensation technology, it will be difficult to stop taking selfies! Forget about Instagram filters also as this phone has an AI beauty algorithm which can customise beauty effects based on age, gender and skin tone! If that wasn’t enough there’s also a dual 13MP + 2MP AI rear camera.

Powerful Chipset: The kirin 710 powerful chipset reduces overall power consumption and provides a smoother, seamless performance, so if you’re listening to music and scrolling through the selfies taken on the phone then there’s no need to worry about the battery dying quickly. The Honor 10 Lite comes with a non-removable 3400 mAh battery which should last around 13-14 hours depending on what the phone is being used for. The 3GB RAM boosts the smartphone’s processing speed and the 64GB storage, which can expand to 512GB!

GPU Turbo: If games are what you love then there’s no reason not to like the Honor 10 Lite! GPU Turbo reconstructs the traditional graphics processing framework at the lower layer system which improves the graphics quality, processing and user gaming experience and with 6 21 inches of screen to play the games on, the graphic quality can be appreciated a little bit more whilst playing on a big screen.

Like the sound of this phone? Don’t make it the favourite yet as we’ve still got to reveal the features of the Honor 8x in our Honor 10 Lite vs Honor 8x battle!

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Honor 8x:

The Honor 8x is a slightly older phone than the Honor 10 Lite as it was released back in October 2018. The 8x is operated with android 8.1 (oreo) – used for entry level devices which improves memory usage to ensure that apps can run efficiently on devices with 1GB or less RAM.

This phone comes in three different colours, a bit like the Honor Lite 10. The colours that are available to choose are black, blue and red, but not just the standard colours that other phones might come in, these phones are really vibrant (the blue and the red anyway) and have a jazzy reflected glass on the back which is shiny and appealing to look at.

The Honor 8x’s phone screen is bigger than the 10 Lites by 3 inches at 6 5 inches but that can make all the difference when streaming TV programmes, watching back old videos or even playing games.

So, let’s take a look at the features that the Honor 8x has to offer in our vs battle!

Honor 8x Features:

Camera: With this phone being 64gb there’s enough room to take as many pictures as you wish! Not only that but this phone has a 16MP front camera with enhanced ISO, 4-in-1 light fusion and multi-frame image processing which helps to create the perfect selfies – there won’t be any reason to have to take 500 selfies now before choosing the right one to upload to Facebook. The rear camera is more impressive than the front as it has a 20MP lens with a 2MP phase detection autofocus lens which enables you to take beautifully detailed pictures.

Facial recognition: The Honor 8x gives certainly gives peace of mind when it comes to security! This phone will unlock by a fingerprint sensor, so there’s no need to worry if you lose your phone as nobody will be able to get into it, but not only that, this phone also has facial recognition that will recognise your face in even the darkest of lighting.

Battery life: Nobody wants a phone where the battery isn’t even going to last them the commute to work but with the Honor 8x there’s no need to worry about that as the phone has an intelligent battery save system, to be precise a 3750mAh battery life, so with just one charge with this phone, users can play games for up to 7.14 hours of video, listen to 60 hours of music, or make 21 hours of 3G calls!

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What is the Difference Between Honor 10 and Honor 10 Lite?

The main differences between these phones are the storage space and the camera quality. The Honor 10 has 128GB of storage where the Honor Lite 10 has only 64GB, as for the camera quality, the 10 has a 16MP rear camera and the Lite has a 13MP camera.

Although those are the main differences, these two smartphones also have a lot of similarities including the battery life, fingerprint sensor, sim size, custom Ui, display type and more! The Honor 10 Lite is the newer phone of the two, so if you liked the Honor 10 then there’s nothing not to like about the Honor 10 Lite.

Now, let’s see who’s won the the Honor 10 Lite vs Honor 8x battle!

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Which is Better, Honor 10 Lite or Honor 8x?

With a 24MP front camera, 13MP rear camera, amazing graphics and range of different colours, the Honor 10 lite is the better phone to be used for everyday life as there are better and more up to date features than the Honor 8x.

As you’ve read in our Honor 10 Lite vs Honor 8x battle, the Honor 8x isn’t a bad phone and compared to some others out there, it has some great features for the affordable price that it is, but when it comes down to the main specs, the Honor 10 lite just wins the battle.

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