How Can You Retune Panasonic TV?


When you set up a new TV, all you see is static. Therefore, tuning is necessary to gain access to the available channels. You can retune Panasonic TV in just a few minutes as it is a very simple process.

Panasonic is a Japan-based multinational company that has produced numerous electrical appliances. After being founded in 1918, it has become one of the largest electronics producers in the country. Particularly, the Panasonic TV made some great sales for the company. In fact, in 2012, Panasonic was the world’s fourth largest television manufacturer.

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How to Manually Tune your Panasonic TV?

In certain regions, aerials can pick up signals and noise from a number of transmitters. When this happens, you usually see a “New Service” message popup on the screen. The message is indicative that your TV tried to tune into a wrong transmitter.

You can easily solve the problem by retuning your Panasonic TV again. You can do that by the following steps:

Connect your TV to a cable service

The first step is to plug in the cable cord into your TV to start receiving signals from the company. This makes sure you have channels to tune.

Go to TV Menu

Plug your TV into a socket and turn it on. Once the screen lights up, use the remote control to navigate to the settings menu.

Select “Channel Search” option

From the Menu, head to the Channel Search option. Select it for the tuning process to begin. You will be able to see every channel “flash by” for a few seconds. This is the TV trying to locate the transmitter signal. Once the tuning is complete, a channel search option will pop up again. Click on “Cancel” and head out of the Menu.

You will now have channels to watch!

If you ever change your cable service subscription, you can always retune your Panasonic TV by repeating the above steps.

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How to Retune to Receive Freeview?

You can retune your TV for Freeview to get access to the latest channels. To retune Freeview:

Press the TV button

Locate the TV button on the remote and press it until DVB is selected.

Press Menu button

After pressing the menu button, select Setup and navigate to DVB tuning Menu.

Select Auto Setup

Select the Auto Setup option and confirm your action by pressing on the OK button. This will automatically start returning your TV.

Enter Details

You will be asked to enter your postcode. This would give you access to regional channels. The TV will retune and update the channel list.

By following the two methods, you can easily setup and retune your Panasonic TV, without having to call in a professional. Through a few simple steps, you get access to unlimited high-quality channels!


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