How to Connect Sky Q Box to Internet Powerline Adaptor


Have you ever wondered how to connect your Sky Q box to an internet powerline adaptor for a better Wi-Fi signal?

Sky Q gives customers access to hundreds of HD channels, on-demand services and movies. All whilst using the service in multiple rooms and on multiple devices.

Of course, to get the most out of these features, high-speed internet and a reliable connection are a must-have. If you’ve ever suffered through a buffering movie or lost connection during your favourite show, you’ll likely agree.

No matter who your internet provider is, or whether you’re in a high or low-speed area, broadband is the lifeline to our TV packages – and we all want the best where possible.

So, we’re going to show you how to connect Sky Q box to an internet powerline adaptor to make sure you get the most out of your TV services.

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Connect sky q box to internet powerline adaptor
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Why Use an Internet Powerline Adaptor?

An internet powerline adaptor is a great system to ensure you get are getting the most stable and reliable connection through your broadband.

It is a particularly good option for those that have poor quality internet, but who are using TV packages such as Sky Q. Internet powerline adaptors allow you to get the most out of TV services that rely on broadband for high picture quality and fast streaming of on-demand services.

Let’s look at how you can connect your Sky Q box to an internet powerline adaptor for uninterrupted TV viewing.

How to Connect Sky Q Box to Internet Powerline Adaptor

Connecting your Sky Q box to an internet powerline adaptor is an easy process and won’t take long.

Before starting the setup, make sure you have everything you need. This includes two ethernet cables and two powerline adaptors. You will need more if you are setting up multiple Sky Q mini boxes throughout the house.

  • First, plug a powerline adaptor into a plug that is near to your main Sky Q box.
  • Connect an ethernet cable to your powerline adaptor, and to the back of your Sky Q box.
  • Turn on the powerline adaptor at the wall.
  • Next, using the second ethernet cable, connect your second powerline adaptor to the back of your router.
  • Switch on the second powerline adaptor at the wall, and the light on the adaptor should turn green.

Your Sky Q box is now connected to an internet powerline adaptor and you will hopefully notice an improved connection when using the Sky Q service.

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How Does an Internet Powerline Adaptor Work?

Internet powerline adaptors work by sending the internet connection through the existing electrical wiring in your home. It is essentially instead of plugging your device into your router using an ethernet cable. An option that is not always practical or possible depending on you – which are not always a practical – or tidy – option.

Instead, the internet powerline adapter plus directly into your electrical sockets, providing a permanent stable connection.

You can connect internet powerline adaptors to other devices for faster connections, including laptops, PCs, and Smart TVs too. Those that enjoy online gaming may also benefit from using an internet powerline adaptor to prevent random disconnections and Wi-Fi dropping out.

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