How to retune a TV with built-in Freeview: Watch your channels in 7 steps!


It’s no wonder that millions of people across the UK choose to have Freeview in their homes. Free TV channels at the click of a button? Yes, please!

Freeview TV certainly has its perks. But one thing people may not realise is that throughout the year you have to retune your TV to ensure that you get all your channels.

It’s no biggie once you know how, and we’re here to break it down so that retuning your TV couldn’t be easier.

As well as seven easy-to-follow steps to get your Freeview TV working as it should, we’ll also go into the nationwide retune dates and why sometimes your channels can go missing.

Here’s how to retune a TV with built-in Freeview…

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How to retune TV with built-in Freeview

To retune your TV with built-in Freeview you’ll need the remote control. If you have any issues with tuning or need to carry out a manual retune contact Digi Helpdesk and we can assist you with this.

  1. First off, grab your remote control.
  2. Now, turn on your Set Top box or Freeview television, select the digital mode by pressing ‘DTV’ on the remote control.
  3. Next, access the menu by pressing ‘menu’ on the remote, you should see an icon saying ‘installation’, this is normally represented by a toolbox or spanner icon.
  4. The options displayed may vary, depending on the model of TV you own, but you now need to find the ‘retune option’.
  5. Your TV will now prompt you to delete all your channels, press ‘OK’.
  6. Now the Freeview channel installation can begin.
  7. Your television will shut down and restart, this may take around one minute.
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Why are my Freeview channels missing?

Freeview often makes changes which affects which channels are available to customers across the UK.

Normally, Freeview will notify all their customers well in advance of the date that they’ll make changes.

This way you’ll know when to retune your TV and you’ll be less likely to miss out on your favourite programmes.

Coverage on Freeview varies depending on where you are located in the UK. You can have a look at their Coverage Checker here.

How to know when the Freeview retune dates are

Freeview can make changes which affect people up and down the country.

It’s best to check your channels every few days, so you can always be on top of any changes.

Signal changes are often made throughout the year but you can check on the Freeview website for specific areas and dates.

Between July and November 2019, south an central Wales is first on the list for changes. This is followed by Kent and parts of East Sussex in late August and Lincolnshire and Yorkshire in October. If you want to see the full list of the dates and areas of the Freeview retune dates in 2019, you can find that here.
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