HTC U20 Won’t Connect To WIFI: 6 Easy Steps To Get Online


If your HTC U20 won’t connect to Wifi, there may be an issue with your internet router that is preventing your mobile from establishing a network connection.

Did you know corrupt software on your HTC can interfere with your network configuration settings?

A firmware update, as well as a change of placement for your Wifi router, can help your mobile connect successfully.

We have created this simple guide to help you understand why your HTC U20 won’t connect to Wifi, and what steps you can take to rectify this issue, so you can get back online without any further interferences.

Why won’t my HTC U20 connect to Wifi?

HTC U20 won't connect to Wifi
HTC U20 won’t connect to Wifi

Your HTC U20 won’t connect to Wifi if you have input the incorrect authentication details to connect your mobile to the desired network connection. The correct Wifi network needs to be selected with the right password typed in without any spelling errors for your mobile to pair successfully.

Other reasons why HTC U20 won’t connect to the internet include;

1. Data usage is capped

If your internet connection gets capped once you reach your data usage limit, your HTC U20 won’t be able to connect to a working network.

2. Wifi router is too far

Are you trying to connect to a network but the Wifi router is not close to where you are using your mobile?

If the distance between the two devices is too far, your HTC U20 will have difficulty connecting.

3. Error with network configuration

The network configuration on your HTC mobile could have an error that is stopping it from connecting to Wifi.

4. Software issue

If your HTC U20 has a software issue, this will interfere with your mobile establishing a connection, or finding an available Wifi network.

A software issue can transpire from a corrupt program installed on your device.

5. Internet connection problem

Your internet service provider may be down which is why your phone is unable to connect. This could be due to an outage, or planned maintenance works.

You can check if your network provider is down by searching it here.

How to fix HTC U20 won’t connect to Wifi

HTC U20 won't connect to Wifi
HTC U20 won’t connect to Wifi

Check that you have input the correct authentication details when you connect to a specific Wifi network. This will include the correct network and password without any spelling errors or capitalization where there shouldn’t be. Once you enter the correct information, your HTC U20 should connect to the Wifi.

Other fixes that will help your device reconnect to an internet connection include;

1. Check data usage settings

Check your data usage settings to see if you have enabled a maximum limit. If there is a cap on your network configuration, you should be able to either remove it or amend it to a higher amount.

2. Move your Wifi router

If your Wifi router is placed too far from where your HTC U20 mobile is operating, move your router closer to shorten the distance between the two devices.

When your router is closer to your mobile, it can strengthen the connection, and improve your internet performance.

3. Reset network configuration

If you reset your network configuration you will need to reconnect to your Wifi network. This will erase the previous connection and get rid of any faults that may have transpired during the previous pairing process.

Step 1. Open ‘Settings’ followed by ‘System’

Step 2. Click on ‘Advanced’ and then ‘Reset Options’

Step 3. Press ‘Reset Wifi, Mobile and Bluetooth’

Step 4. Select ‘Reset Settings’

Confirm you want to go ahead by choosing ‘Reset Settings’ a second time.

4. Update HTC U20 software

If your HTC U20 is due a software update, this will help improve your mobile’s performance and delete any corrupt files.

How to update HTC U20 software

Step 1. Open ‘Settings’

Step 2. Click on ‘System’ followed by ‘Advanced’

Step 3. Select ‘Software Updates’

You will now be able to press ‘Check Now’. 

5. Restart Wifi router

If your HTC U20 won’t connect to Wifi, the problem could originate from your Wifi router and not your mobile.

Unplug your modem for a couple of minutes before you plug it back in and switch it back on.

Tip, restart your phone to refresh its connection.

Can you factory reset HTC U20?

HTC U20 won't connect to Wifi
HTC U20 won’t connect to Wifi

Yes, you can complete a factory reset on an HTC U20. If your HTC U20 still won’t connect to Wifi, there may be a more serious underlying issue with your mobile’s software. A factory reset will erase all saved data on your device. This will include installed apps and preferred settings.

(Did you know; HTC were the first to produce the Android phone. Before this, HTC were a White Label manufacturer where they made devices for other companies to sell under their name).

Your HTC will be formatted as if you had just purchased the device.

How to factory reset HTC U20

Note, before you proceed with this step, make sure you backup your files.

Step 1. Open ‘Settings’

Step 2. Click on ‘System’ and then ‘Advanced’

Step 3. Press ‘Reset Options’

Step 4. Select ‘Erase All Data (Factory Reset)’ followed by ‘Erase all Data’

Press this option again to confirm.

Once the factory reset has been completed, you will need to set your mobile up again and connect it to your Wifi network.

Why is my sim card not working in my HTC U20?

Emotional lady
HTC U20 won’t connect to Wifi

Your sim card will not work in your HTC U20 if there is a faulty connection where your sim card gets placed into your mobile device. If the side of the sim card that contains the reading chip is not securely placed in the holder, your phone won’t be able to read the card, and therefore not recognize it. 

Additional reasons why your HTC U20 won’t pick up your sim card are due to two different types of ‘locks’;

  • Network lock – Sometimes, your phone will only accept the sim card that came with the device
  • Region-lock –  When your sim card won’t work in your HTC U20 because it has come from a different location than where your mobile is.

if your sim card is dirty, this can also interfere with your HTC U20 reading the chip.

There are a few quick solutions for this error;

  • Power restart your HTC U20
  • Clean your sim
  • Reinsert the card into your mobile
  • Change your network mode (LTE, 3G, 5G etc.)

For a more serious case, you may need to contact your network service provider.


With this simple directory, we hope we have been able to guide you enough that you now understand why your HTC U20 won’t connect to Wifi and that you were able to get your mobile back online with one of our easy fixes.

If the problem persists, there may be a hardware issue with your phone that you will need to troubleshoot directly with HTC.

(Quiz Question; Who manufactured the first Android phone?).

If you can answer this, complete our online form. Let us know in the message box if you tried one or all of the fixes, and which one worked for you.


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