The LG 49UK6200PLA 49 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV


Everyone is looking for the greatest TV screen, and that’s where we think the LG 49UK6200PLA 49 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV comes in.

It doesn’t get better for Your Fix Guide than this piece of technology, there isn’t a detail to be missed with this screen.

Every nature documentary or sci-fi movie you watch will look inexplicably more realistic than ever before.

It offers breathtaking 4K viewing and full-colour accuracy with ultra surround sound to top it off.

If the 49-inch display isn’t quite big enough then LG also offers a 55 and 60-inch version if you want to splash out.

Realism is taken to a whole new level

There are a lot of buzzwords thrown around with TV screens to the point where no one actually knows what is best anymore.

This LG screen offers the very best 4K Ultra HD viewing experience that is four times higher resolution than HD.

It’s not just documentaries and movies, think of the detail with sports and gaming and that enhanced experience in real-time.

A unique feature with this newest screen is that you can view the screen at any angle without distortion, perfect for an oddly shaped living room with multiple seats.

couple watching television

The audio enhances the visual experience

LG believes there shouldn’t be great visual effects without great audio accompanying it.

That is why this system comes with ultra surround sound to fully capture you in whatever moment you’re watching.

You could almost be fully transported to another dimension, feeling as if you’re literally in the stadium for that big football match.

All the speakers are masterfully hidden away. And this creates the effect that the sound is coming from the air around you.


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