LG 50UM7600PLB Review: 4K TV Ultra HD HDR


Are you looking to upgrade your TV but have no idea where to start? Do you want to get a smart TV but do not know which one to buy? There are numerous options available in the market, however, getting the best one is no easy task. This LG 50um7600plb review focuses on why it is one of the best smart TVs currently available, making it a worthy investment for your house or office space.

Smart TVs have become extremely popular these days. As technology is advancing, the TVs today can do numerous tasks that were not possible in their older versions. From browsing social media to streaming videos online, smart TVs are basically your phones – but bigger.

LG has long been a dominant seller of TVs in the market. The company has launched some major hits and is still following the same trajectory. The main aim of the company is to help you embrace life and enjoy the moments through its devices. LG TVs are reliable and come packed with high quality features. They are also pretty easy to use, making them suitable for all user groups.

About LG 50um7600plb

The LG 50um7600plb is a smart TV, launched in 2019. It comes with an array of features that guarantee an immersive and seamless user experience. The TV has 4K ultra HD resolution and AI control, along with a range of available sizes. Further, it also features a strong processor and color accuracy, allowing for a cinema like experience at home. This LG 50um7600plb review discusses all the specs of the TV in detail.


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Key features of LG 50um7600plb

To delve into some of the salient features of LG 50um7600plb:

4K Resolution

The TV features an LCD screen with full 4K resolution and 60Hz refresh rate. It has around 8.3 million pixels – that is four times as compared to regular HD displays. Further, the TV is compatible with HDR and delivers realistic images. The high picture quality allows for a more immersive experience. Today, almost every smart TV has 4K resolution, hence, LG 50um7600plb is a great option for your home or office.

Internet and Bluetooth

The TV comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for increased convenience. You can surf the internet or connect it to other devices easily. Whether you are looking for news updates, watching a movie online or using social media, the TV lets do everything. It also features an ethernet connection in case you do not have Wi-Fi.

Google Assistant and Alexa Integration

Artificial intelligence has gained great popularity over the last decade. Currently, almost every device has AI integrated into it. Around 37% of organizations and businesses use AI today.

LG 50um7600plb features both Google Assistant and Alexa, changing the way you use your TVs. It has voice commands to help you do everything – without pressing any buttons. The powerful AI learns from your viewing patterns and can recommend movies, music or TV shows. You can use voice command to tell the TV what to do.

Further, you can also ask your personal assistant questions, while watching anything. The answers will be displayed on the screen. The TV also lets you control your smart home. The Google Assistant and Alexa on LG AI TV lets you adjust lights, thermostat, or any other device while watching your TV shows. You can also adjust the environment of your room according to the content you watch on the TV. All the voice commands are given into the TV’s magic remote, while holding the microphone button. The commands are then transmitted to Google, which performs speech-to-text and sends the relevant information back.

2nd gen α7 processor

LG 50um7600plb TV comes with an intelligent 2nd Generation α7 quad core processor that is capable of deploying intelligent algorithms. It learns your habits and the quality/genre of content you watch. Further, it is capable of changing the TV settings to match your environment, making sure you are comfortable at all times.

AI Picture

The intelligent quad core processor, through extensive training data, recognizes the quality of the content you watch. It then optimises sharpness, clarity, brightness and details of the picture by evaluating the content. This allows for a more immersive and comfortable experience, while also delivering true colour accuracy.

Further, the TV also features a light detector that automatically sets the brightness of your LG 50um7600plb TV according to the environment. This ensures your image is always optimised and has the best colour saturation.

AI Sound

Thanks to the intelligent 2nd Generation α7 processor the TV gives you the best sound, without any manual work. You do not have to switch between modes or adjust the settings. The TV does all that for you!

The processor optimises the sound by evaluating the genre and identifying the frequency and voice. Further, using spatial recognition, it adjusts your sound according to the surroundings, offering a more balanced output. It is also capable of offering surround sound, so you get the best quality, no matter where you are sitting in the room. The advanced AI based sound system ensures you can fully enjoy your content.

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Another great feature of the LG 50um7600plb TV that is not available in majority of its market competitors is its compatibility with Apple AirPlay. AirPlay 2 lets you share videos, movies, photos or TV shows on your TV screen directly from your Apple device. You can connect it with your iPhone, iPad or MacBook.

Immersive experience

The TVs IPS 4K display panels allow you to get an immersive experience, irrespective of where you are sitting. Even at wide angles, you can get crisp and clear picture quality. The TV is said to deliver 100% colour accuracy even if you are at a 60 degrees angle. Further, the AI technology ensures you get the best settings, depending on your surroundings.

Colour Accuracy

LG 50um7600plb TV comes with extremely sensitive colour delivery system – that is, even small changes in the picture are reflected on the screen. Further, in comparison to conventional TVs, the colours are more sharp, realistic and rich.

Cinematic images

The TV is also compatible with a majority of HDR formats. This allows for cinematic images – with HDR and HDR10 Pro. The latter is the company’s own HDR solution that enhances the ‘dynamic tone mapping’ by processing HDR signals frame by frame.

Dolby vision

Dolby Vision is a way of delivering high resolution images and videos at home, particularly for home cinemas. It can improve customer experience by constantly optimising the way a TV delivers HD content.

Dolby vision has dynamic metadata of the HDR images. It contains scene by scene information that allows Dolby to display the content as accurately as possible.  The LG 50um7600plb also comes with the Dolby technology, that can easily transform your home into an entertainment centre.

Ultra sound

Another great feature of the LG TV is its ultra sound technology. While the AI optimises the sound it delivers, the TV has numerous virtual sound channels that ensures a more comfortable and immersive ultra surround sound. It also makes sure that everyone in the room gets the same quality sound. That is, someone who is sitting farther from the TV will hear everything with the same clarity as someone who is sitting closer to the TV.

Simple design

The TV features a sleek and modern design that gives it a premium outlook. It is thin and features small bezels to allow for a bigger display area. Further, the 50-inch screen is perfect for any setting.

Home Dashboard

Another great feature of the TV is its home dashboard. It can be accessed from the home button and displays the content you are currently watching, external devices you are connected to and your recent activity. Further, it also displays your favourite applications and other suggestions. This makes the navigation extremely simple, where you do not have to skim through channels and type in long details. In just one click, you can go to your desired content.

Operating the TV With Magic Remote

The LG 50um7600plb TV generally ships with a magic remote to allow for conveniently operating the TV. You can navigate through the settings and the channels by a few simple clicks. The remote has to be paired with the TV before you can use it. To pair:

  • Press the OK button on the remote after 20 seconds of turning on the TV
  • The remote will automatically get registered
  • A pairing confirmation message will be displayed on the screen

The magic remote offers various functions that can be accessed through its intuitive keys. There are certain shortcuts as well, that can take you right where you want to be. The remote shipped with the LG smart TV is extremely responsive and of great quality. To delve into the use of the magic remote on LG 50um7600plb TV:

  • Shaking the remote or moving the wheel on it triggers the pointer on the screen. You can move it by scrolling the wheel or just by moving the remote while pointing it towards the TV.
  • Move the cursor to the desired location and press OK for it to execute the command.
  • If the pointer disappears, shake the remote again and it will come back.

The voice command system employed in the TV is accessed through the magic remote. It serves as a mic to transfer your commands to Google Assistant or Alexa. Simply press the mic button on the remote control and speak. Once you are done, release the button and your given command will be executed.

There is also a speech to text option that removes the hassle of searching the web from your TV. Generally, you have to type in every letter by moving the cursor across the virtual keyboard. This is not only tiresome, but also time consuming. The LG 50um7600plb TV features speech to text technology that removes the extra hassle. You can speak into the magic remote and the text will be written in the search bar. The magic remote is not very common in the market right now, making LG 50um7600plb TV stand out of its competitors.


  • HDR compatible
  • 4K resolution
  • AI sound and picture
  • Great picture quality
  • Intuitive magic remote
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Virtual surround sound
  • Home dashboard
  • Dolby vision


  • The TV does not come with a rotatable stand
  • Does not have a 3D mode

Features Overview

To overview some of the specs and features of the LG 50um7600plb TV:

Screen Size 50 inches
Operating System webOS 4.5
Display Bit Depth 10 bits
Screen resolution 3840 x 2160
Pixel density 89 ppi
Refresh rate 60Hz

Hybrid Log Gamma – HLD

Processor 2nd Generation α7 intelligent processor
Artificial Intelligence Integration Google Assistant


AI sound optimisation

AI picture optimisation

Extras AN-MR19 Magic Remote Control
Operating Temperature 0 °C – 40 °C

32 °F – 104 °F

Operating Humidity level 10 % – 80 %



The above LG 50um7600plb review details on all the major features and specifications offered by the TV. LG has launched some great TVs over the last few decades and every piece has been popular in the market. The company tries to improve user experience by increasing accessibility and providing more convenience in the functions. The LG 50um7600plb TV is an epitome of the company’s moto.

It is equipped with a range of high quality features that are not available in most of its market competitors. The TV comes with 4K resolution and built-in AI technology to deliver the best quality content. The AI makes sure everything is optimised to the optimal quality, so there is no manual labour involved. That is, you do not need to figure out the settings!

Further, the voice command takes the TV to the next level. While there are numerous smart TVs available today, voice command is not a very common feature. It is Google Assistant and Alexa compatible, that can do everything for you. Apart from the AI, the compatibility with HDR and AirPlay 2 also helps improve the user experience.

The TV  supports wide angle so everyone in the room can see everything clearly. Overall, LG 50um7600plb is a great TV with an array of features packed into a sleek and modern design. Further, it is easy to use and set up. The TV has 4 HDMI ports, 2 of which are on the side so you can easily attach your devices. The interface is also user friendly and pretty straightforward. You can easily navigate through the settings and other functions without getting confused. The remote is also intuitive and has symbols to explain the functions each button does. Further, the 50 inch display is perfect for your home or office arrangements. Delivering amazing sound and picture quality, LG 50um7600plb TV is definitely worth your money.


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