LG 60-inch 60UM7100PLB Smart 4K HDR LED TV: No better resolution!


We review the LG 60-inch 60UM7100PLB Smart 4K HDR LED TV and tell you why this should be at the top of your wishlist for Christmas!

Helping you work out what a 4K TV really is and whether this new TV from LG is worth the price their asking.

Picking apart the specifications can be difficult if you don’t really know what you’re looking at, so we’ve gone ahead and done it for you.

With a crowded market for TV screens nowadays, it’s important that you know the good from the bad.

Keep reading below for our full review and verdict on the LG 60UM7100PLB TV!

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What’s special about the LG 60-inch 60UM7100PLB Smart 4K HDR LED TV?

While it may look basic in comparison to it’s pricier rivals, this TV offers a great screen for an even better price.

Most cheaper TVs can’t match the picture quality of high-end models but this television certainly outdoes itself.

DTS digital surround sound and down-firing speakers don’t disappoint either, with amazing sound that can fill any room.

The quad-core processor allows all lower resolution video sources to be boosted up to 4K video quality which is always a plus.

Are there any drawbacks with this ultra-high definition TV?

While there are many great features about the picture quality, it does lack some colour technology.

You won’t find features such as local dimming or HDR colour which gives a screen that little extra boost when it comes to defining TV quality.

Also, 3D is becoming a must-have for many people and a staple of some of the more expensive screens, but this budget version does not have the capability.

The VA panel gives a good viewing angle, but not as much of an angle as an IPS screen would give you.

Should you buy the LG 60-inch 60UM7100PLB Smart 4K HDR LED TV? Our verdict!

The LG screen is on sale at Argos for £449 which is a great deal for such a large screen.

While it doesn’t have the high-end features of a more expensive screen, here at Digi Helpdesk, we think this is a good buy for those on a budget.

You’ll get a great picture and sound quality that is normally reserved for TVs in the £700 region.

If you’re not bothered about super-deep colours or 3D then there really isn’t many drawbacks with this superb telly.