Retune Freeview lost channels: Changes are being made to the service in 2020


Freeview is a popular television service in the UK as it provides access to high-quality TV channels for free.

With only an antenna connection, UK residents can get TV channels such as ITV, BBC, Channel 4, and UKTV Play.

Freeview offers many services including catch up TV and a television guide for up to a week. Additionally, it is also available on smartphones, and is, therefore, always accessible.

If you are a Freeview user, you might notice that sometimes some TV channels can not be found. We have put this guide together for you to find how the best way to recover any lost channels.

Retune Freeview lost channels
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Why have I lost channels on Freeview?

Freeview works through an antenna connection; thus, the availability of the TV channels depends on the quality of the signals.

Continuous maintenance and service work is going on in 2020 for TV channels. That is why sometimes certain channels can become unavailable.

Also, Freeview only provides TV channels that are available in your region. Therefore, if a channel stops its broadcast in your area, it will become unavailable on Freeview.

Sometimes the channels can become lost if there has been an update in your area. You can look for these service updates via this link. Often, to recover these TV channels, you simply need to retune your Freeview TV.

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How to retune lost channels on Freeview

If there has been a service update in your area, then you should retune Freeview to get back access to all the channels. This process is quite straightforward; however, the instructions could vary from device to device. In most modern devices, you should not have a problem retuning the TV if you follow these instructions:

First, you need to open the menu on your TV or Freeview compatible set-top box. Next, look for the option similar to ‘Set-up’ or ‘Update’, and select. You might be prompted for a pin code, enter ‘0000’ or ‘1234’.

Now, there should be an option similar to ‘Full retune’ or ‘Factory reset’, select ‘Factory reset’. If you see a message that reads the existing TV channels would be removed, then press ‘OK’. This will start the process of retuning your TV. Press ‘OK’ for any other prompts. Your favourite channels and upcoming recordings might be removed after the retune.


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 Freeview TV channels are still missing after retuning

If you have retuned your TV and are still missing some channels, then it could be due to several occurances. First of all, check if the channel is still available in your region. You can do this putting your postcode into Freeview’s channel availability checker. If the channel is no longer available, then it cannot be recovered.

Otherwise, check that all the cables are correctly connected. Also, check the signal quality of your antenna through the settings. Channels can also be lost if there is a signal interference such as storms. Restart your set-top box before checking if the TV channels are recovered.

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