Samsung S8 random notification sound: Beeping noise solved


Have you ever noticed your Samsung S8 makes a random notification sound? Well, if so, we’ve found the solution.

One of the top tech-giants, Samsung is one of the most well-known producers of smart devices in the industry. With their sleek designs and the production of both high-end and budget models, Samsung mobiles are hard to beat.

Unfortunately, some Samsung users have reported a rather annoying issue with the S8 models.

A frequent random notification sound is coming from the smartphone, with no apparent reason behind it.

So, what causes the Samsung S8 to make a random notification sound – and can you stop it from happening?

Read on to find out how to stop this annoying issue on your Samsung S8 model.

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samsung s8 random notification sound
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How to Stop Samsung S8 Random Notification Sound

There are several reasons your Samsung S8 randomly makes a notification sound when there is no notification to be seen on your screen.

First, check you haven’t got notification reminders activated on your phone. This will cause notifications to chime every 3 minutes if you have unread notifications anywhere on your device.

You can check this by going to ‘Settings’, then ‘Accessibility’, ‘Advanced Settings’.

Here, check that the ‘Notifications Reminder’ toggle is switched to ‘Off’.

If it’s not notification reminders that are causing this issue, check your NFC settings using the instructions below.

Check Your Near-Field Communication App on S8

Another common cause for the Samsung S8 random notification sound is the NFC – or Near-Field Communication app.

This app will connect and disconnect from various fields, such as contactless cards. When the app connects and disconnects, it can send out a notification without actually displaying what it is notifying you of.

To check the NFC app on your Samsung S8, you need to:

  • On your Samsung S8 go to ‘Settings’ then ‘Connections’.
  • Down the list, you should see a toggle next to ‘NFC’.
  • Here, you can switch the toggle ‘On’ or ‘Off a couple of times.
  • Alternatively, if you don’t use this feature on your phone, leave it switched off.

You should now find that you don’t receive the random notification sounds.

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Other Causes for a Random Notification Sound on Samsung

As most of us have a huge number of apps and programs downloaded on our mobile devices at any one time, it can be hard to keep track of notifications.

If you continue to hear the random notification sound on your Samsung S8, it might be worth going through your notification settings app by app.

Sometimes, apps can send us updates or notifications, even when we haven’t used that app in a long time.

Keeping your apps and notifications clear on your phone can help rule out which apps might the cause of the issue. Another benefit of keeping on top of your app notifications is that less beeps means better battery life.

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