Seagate Firecuda 2 TB SSD Review: How great really is it?


When it comes to gaming and storage. Everything running at a fast speed is crucial for a fun, or productive experience. You immediately notice when things start to slow down or issues start to occur. With the Seagate Firecuda 2 TB SSD, you will have the best solution to all your problems from gaming, storage, and everything in between. Whether it be its massive 2 TB drive space, its small form factor at 2.5″ or even its 140mb per second.

In this article, we are going to explore everything that the 2 TB Seagate Firecuda SSD Hard Drive has to offer. We will look into the specs, how, and why it will make your gaming experience so much better, and figure out if this is the ultimate drive for you.

Seagate Firecuda 2 TB SSD

The main features of the hard drive are as follows:

  • SATA Solid State Hard Drive9
  • 2 TB Storage
  • 2.5″ Form Factor
  • 5400RPM Disk Speed
  • 140Mb per second Read Speed
  • Compatible with most PCIe M.2 Slots
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty


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The Features

Time to speed things up a little. Whilst reading through the main features of this amazing SSD. You can quite clearly see that this SSHD has been specifically built with gamers and professionals in mind. Seagate is a brand that is known all across the world for its place in the online world. They are storage providers for some of the most vastly known PC companies and used by enthusiasts worldwide. So let’s dive in a break down the specifications and how they are going to change your online life.


You may have noticed that this isn’t a normal HDD or SSD. The Seagate Firecuda is a hybrid SSHD or a ‘Solid State Hard Drive’. One thing that Seagate is pushing very heavily on through the building of this SSHD is performance and compatibility.

A hybrid drive will run considerably faster than normal HDD’s, but slower than a pure SSD. However, it will come with a lot more storage than a pure SSD, but less than a pure HDD.

A hybrid SSHD is in our opinion an excellent middle ground. You get a fast reading, a lot of storage capacity so you can store as many games, or videos as you’d like. You also have an incredibly fast drive all-round. Reducing your load speeds and transferring data faster. It also generally speed up your usage all round making your experience much more seamless.

Storage Space

With this being a hybrid SSHD. We can expect to benefit from larger storage than if we were to get a pure SSD.

Seagate has loaded the Firecuda with a 2 TB storage. This is stated to hold upwards of 80 games. All whilst decreasing your loading speeds and causing fewer interruptions between you and your gaming experience.

With an SSHD loaded with 2 TB of storage normally, you would pair that with slightly slower read speeds. Not with the Firecuda. The Firecuda comes with a 140Mb per second Read Speed as well as a 140Mb per second Data Transfer Rate. Meaning you will feel both the benefit of a 2 TB storage as well as fast transfer and read speeds all coming together to increase productivity, fun, and making your overall experience far easier. It makes it a brilliant desktop pc upgrade no matter what your interests are.



Form Factor

The Seagate Firecuda is presented in a very slim 2.5″ frame.

This SSHD is only 7mm thick, so this is not only a go-to for expanding desktop pc storage but also widely used across the world as a go-to for expanding your Playstation 4 Storage.

Worldwide there is a go-to SSHD for increasing your Playstation Storage so that you can hold more games and also have the fastest loading times, reduced stuttering, low-latency, and fastest read speeds, and it the Seagate Firecuda.

HDD’s with upwards of 2 TB storage tend to come in a larger form factor. As the years go on it’s wonderful to see them getting smaller and smaller because this is making them more compatible with different devices and allowing us to use them to make our experiences much better instead of being limited with what we can do.


The Seagate Firecuda comes with a 5400RPM Disk Speed.

Seagate has come out to say that this SSHD actually starts up 5x times faster than a traditional 7200RPM Hard Drive.

More often or not after some time you will notice that your PC boot-up time will start to take longer and longer the older your drive gets, and we have also experienced this. Once you have started filling up your main components, have more programs, and more things for your computer to think about every time it is booted up it caused a very noticeable delay and overall just makes your experience feel slow.

With the Seagate Firecuda, this will allow you to ignite that ‘fire’ back into your pc. Allowing you to relive that feeling of a brand new PC, feeling the speed, watching it boot in seconds, and be able to fly through different programs with ease, as it boots into action before you can blink an eye.

Gone are the days from over a decade ago where you can turn on your computer, only to go into the kitchen, make your dinner, come back, and it still not have opened, we are in the day and age of speed. Each year thousands of new products finding different ways to start up and work through your applications in a matter of seconds. The Firecuda follows these steps and is giving us the fastest hard drive gaming speeds available.

5-Year Limited Warranty

One thing we have certainly experienced ourselves, and many of you might have as well, is spending all this money for a brand new hard drive, only to have it for a few weeks and it to all of a sudden just stop working. You are now stuck with a PC that cant boot or else you have thousands of lost files. Not anymore.

With the Firecuda, they are offering a 5-year warranty. You can now get cutting-edge performance, whilst feeling secure and knowing that we have a company that is on our sides.

This warranty is an industry-best. Often betting the competition by 2-3 years.

Knowing that you have that extra coverage from the company themselves and not some back door third party company really makes your purchase feel that more secure and personal. Giving you the confidence to push your pc to its limits and really focus on improving your skills.


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The Seagate Firecuda SSHD is certainly a piece of kit to be reckoned with. It also comes in at a very low price compared to some of its competitors.

As you’ve seen throughout the articles whilst we have broken down each key spec that it has to offer you can tell that Seagate knows what they are doing. They have a demographic in which they are getting with their Firecuda instalment. They are trying to breathe life into gamers and professionals alike.

Seagate has given us market-leading hard drive speeds competing with some pure SSD’s. They have given us a large 2 TB storage which is in line with any pure hard drive. All of this comes included in an industry-best 5-year limited warranty and the ability to have confidence in our device.

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All in all, we have truly fallen in love with this device. Its increased performance, huge 2 TB storage, and even compatibility to not only be put in your pc or laptop. They also give you the option to be able to fit snuggly in your ps4 to expand storage and increase the performance of your console by up to 50%. This SSHD really is extremely versatile. It is reliable and made by one of the most well known online storage companies there is.

We conclude that anyone who purchases this SSHD will be getting a great deal. It genuinely will change the way you work or have fun, and it will allow you the ability to progress in your profession and always be moving up.

If you are the kind of person who needs both a mixture of speed, performance but also relies a lot on having a large 2 TB storage or more, primary or secondary. Will be expecting to have a lot of files, games, and anything else which you will need to load, transfer, edit and read then we would certainly recommend this as your next purchase.

If you decide to purchase the Seagate Firecuda, or already have it and want to share your opinions. Make sure to give us a ‘like’ on our Facebook page and let us know! You can also get in contact with us on our other social media platforms, and if you enjoyed reading this article be sure to share it with friends and family, and give some of our others a read!




Is the Seagate FireCuda worth it?

The Seagate Firecuda gives you a great mix of performance and storage. Although it may not be as fast as a pure SSD, or as large as a pure HDD, it gives you an absolutely amazing middle ground. Getting both fast speeds and large 2 TB storage so it really is perfect for all pc gaming and professionals. Allow you to enhance your creativity and grow your skills each day whilst being secured with an industry-best warranty and specs that could challenge any other SSHD on the market. It can also be put in a MacBook pro etc as of its slim size.

Is FireCuda good for gaming?

Seagate has really focused on making this SSHD for a specific set of people for their drives. For those who take what they too seriously and want to perform to the highest possible ability on the best platform they can. The Firecuda is made for gamers and professionals. This is a serious SSHD, with serious specs. This drive will increase so many aspects of your online life and will truly be appreciated by many of those who use it. Allowing them to also hold more games as well as making everything a lot more seamless. It is a brilliant pc upgrade or if you are more of a console person, a great upgrade for your PlayStation 4.

How many games can 2TB hold?

If your average game is 25GB your 2 TB drive could hold up to a MASSIVE 80 games. That is a lot of games if you take into consideration that it also enhances your performance.

Are SSHD reliable?

The Seagate Fircuda SSHD put both flash and HDD portions to work more efficiently than if they were separated. So this makes the drive extremely reliable in all situations.

Can external hard drives crash?

At the end of the day, sometimes somethings can go break or malfunction. All HDD’s are subject to the possibility of failing. Although Seagate works day and night to make sure their devices are absolutely spot on and provide the lowest possible chance of failing. They still contain moving parts. Anything that has moving parts can and sometimes will fail. That is why the warranty is extremely important and really gives you that sense of security knowing that you aren’t just throwing your money down the drain, but that the money you spent comes with a promise to make sure you are always getting the best from your drive.

Is FireCuda good for ps4?

Undoubtedly, The Seagate Fircuda is hands down the best SSHD that you can use to enhance performance and up your storage by 2 TB on your PlayStation. Whether it is the standard model, the pro, or the slim this is the one you need.

The Seagate Firecuda has been proven to increase performance by up to 50%, as well as providing you with larger storage, this is a must-buy if you are looking for a ps4 upgrade!


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