Sky Q Upgrade Subscription Message: What does it mean?


If you’re considering upgrading your Sky Q box, there are many reasons to consider doing so. With Sky being the country’s leading TV service, you can expect the best for your money with Sky. However, is it worth the cost when it comes to upgrading? What does the Sky Q upgrade subscription message m,mean and what can you get for your money?

Sky Q upgrade
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What does the Sky q upgrade subscription message mean?

There are several reasons Sky Q may be telling you to upgrade. Here are some of the most common issues and how to fix them.

Box sets are not included in your package.

Sky has recently changed their box set options from being an easy add on; to being part of a whole new service. Sky Signature. The Signature package is ideal for those who love Box sets and watch them regularly, as it includes over 500 different series at any time. From Reality TV to Game of Thrones and Dexter, there are many box sets to choose from.

You can download an episode straight from the service to your Sky Q box, and you’re good to go.

The Sky Signature package is £25 per month, which allows access to Sky Box Sets for new customers. Although, if you choose not to go with this, you will be unable to watch any box sets, therefore, getting the error message.

Your downloads are set to HD, and your package only includes SD

When choosing your Sky package, it is essential to note that Sky HD is an additional charge, including Box Sets. To watch content in HD, you need to purchase the Sky HD pack, which provides HD channels and box sets.

If you don’t have this, your box may be trying to download it in HD as this is standard and will not work.

To change the settings to SD, you need to do the following:

  • Press home on your Sky Q remote and then head to settings
  • Next, click on setup; following this, scroll down and select preferences
  • Now you need to go on ‘On Demand default download format.’
  • Change it from UHD or HD to SD.

Now you should be able to download box sets with ease. But, if you’re still having issues, the following steps may help to resolve this:

  • Rebooting your Sky Q box
  • Restarting your router

If you’re unsure of how to do either of these things, our simple guide on Sky Q will help you further with this.

Upgrade Sky Q box
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Is Sky Q upgrade free?

If you are an existing Sky customer with an older box, e.g. Sky HD and if you’re looking to get your package upgraded, there may be a charge for this as Sky has to send out new equipment. However, there may be instances when this is not the case. Sky can offer free upgrades to their customers, especially those who have been with Sky for a long time. So it is worth speaking with them directly with regards to an upgrade.

Sky is also urging its customers to upgrade from Sky HD (+) to their newer software Sky Q. This may be advised via a subscription message on your box. Some reasons to consider upgrading include the interface on Sky Q and the smart remote, to name but a few perks of the box.

As Sky no longer sell the Sky HD box, they are advising customers to upgrade to a whole new experience that they will get with their Q box.


Sky Q upgrade
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How do you upgrade your subscription on Sky?

If you’re looking to go ahead and upgrade your subscription from Sky HD to become a Sky Q customer, here is how you do so.

If you are an existing customer, when you visit the upgrades page, Sky advises existing customers to contact 0800 7591 238 to discuss further.

However, if you’re a new customer looking to get started on Sky Q packages start from £25 for 18 months, going direct via the call centre or live chat, you may be able to get a better deal.

Once the terms for the upgrade are agreed upon, you will get sent out your new box—the set up for this as a standard of £49. As stated above, existing Sky customers are advised to get in contact directly.

Top tip: If you are a Diamond Sky VIP (15+ years), you can get your Sky Q upgrade for free.

Sky Q upgrade


What do you get when you upgrade to Sky Q?

There are many perks of upgrading to Sky Q. Here are some of the main benefits to consider:

Easy user interface

Compared to its previous interface, the Sky Q box is a lot easier to navigate. The Sky + HD box has a scattered interface where finding programmes could be a little more tricky. However, you can view the most recent recordings, shows you’ve started watching, and a personalised menu with the Q box. Making it so much more effective when looking at what to watch. The menus were very text-heavy with the older boxes; now, it is more about the user experience.

Voice-activated control

Why search using buttons when you can speak directly into your control, and it will bring exactly what you’re looking for up right away. The HD model only had buttons that involved you typing via your controller.

In general, the remote is lighter and feels sleeker.

Multi-room experience

Unlike previous Sky boxes, the Sky Q box allows you to experience multiple recordings at once from the main box. This works because you can get several wireless mini boxes to add anywhere in your home, then access the main box recordings. Allowing different programmes to be watched with ease.

Streaming in Ultra HD

Sky Q offers Ultra HD, a crisper picture, better colours and an overall better experience. For the offering of the UHD or 4K at a more reasonable price.


You can easily access your Netflix account from your Sky box, whether you’re signed in on your existing account or going through Sky. You can watch your Netflix favourites with ease.


If you’re looking to upgrade to Sky Q, there are many exciting features you’re not going to want to miss. Head on over to the Sky website for further details.


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