The Easiest Way to Reconnect Your Chromecast to a New Wifi Network


There are many people online these days offering technological tips and tricks. So many, in fact, that sifting through them can often be more of a headache than the initial problem!

Rest easy then: here’s the best way to reconnect Chromecast to a new wifi network with very little effort.

A key feature of second and third-generation devices is that you can connect with a 5Ghz network. First-generation devices can only access 2.4Ghz networks, so casting via newer models is made all the more enjoyable. If you are still using your 2.4Ghz network, stop living in the past, this guide is for you!

The important thing to remember is Chromecast can only remember one wifi network at a time. This means forgetting the original wifi details, or resetting it all together. You will also need to reset if you can no longer access your old wifi network.

To discover how to reset your Chromecast, follow this useful step-by-step guide. Or, you can save yourself some time, and follow the steps below!

Reconnect chromecast to a new wifi network

Reconnecting Chromecast to a New Network

  • First, ensure you have the Google Home app downloaded to your smart device — smartphone or tablet. The app is available through iOS and Android, and since Chromecast is no longer accessible through a laptop/computer, it’s important to have!

  • If your specific Chromecast device is already added to Google Home, simply open the device then touch the cog icon in the top corner of the screen to open settings. Click the wifi network and then hit ‘forget this network’

  • From your Google Home main screen, select the plus icon top left corner of the screen. Click on ‘Set up device’, then select ‘Set up new devices’. The app will not set up an entirely new Chromecast when you select this. It will, however, find your existing device and allow you to connect to the new wifi network.

  • You will be asked to ensure you are selecting the correct Chromecast. The app will do this by displaying a code on your TV and phone at the same time. Once you have verified the codes are the same, click yes to continue.

  • Select the Chromecast and your original device location. Click the wifi network you wish to connect to. The app might take a minute to confirm, but once it does – you’re connected! There will be a prompt asking if you would like to view a tutorial, but assuming you don’t require this, skip it. You’ll then be taken back to the home screen.

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So there you have it, simple logical steps to make reconnecting your Chromecast quick and easy! Perhaps one day, the folks at Google will make it even easier to switch networks!

And if you are having trouble with your home wifi connection, we’ve got you! A mobile hotspot is a great way to reconnect to your Chromecast to a network when other options aren’t available. You may also find a Wi-Fi booster comes in handy if you have weak signal in certain areas of your house hold, check out the the list below.

Happy casting!

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