TikTok “you are commenting too fast” notification explained & how to avoid


Being faced with a TikTok “you are commenting too fast” notification can be confusing. Here’s a look at why this happens and what can be done to avoid it in the future.

Initially created in 2016, after merging with Musical.ly in 2018, TikTok was released worldwide.

The video-sharing app is responsible for many of the viral videos internet users often see. From couples challenges to miming celebrity catchphrases, TikTok has its users creating all kinds of content.

It’s been extremely popular since it’s launch. TikTok has even seen some songs, new and old, shoot to the top of the charts due to them being used in short-form videos.

TikTok is certainly addictive for people of all ages. So, let’s take a look at the “you are commenting too fast” notification.

TikTok you are commenting too fast
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TikTok “you are commenting too fast”

The “you are commenting too fast” notification appears TikTok as part of the app’s bid to ensure that spammy behaviour isn’t taking place. If comments are being written and added too quickly, it may look like a bot rather than a person carrying it out.

According to Justuseapp.com, this monitoring of behaviour is part of TikTok’s “digital wellbeing” feature: “The Digital Wellbeing feature has a lot of benefits for you the user, asides the ones listed above. It helps you to monitor your usage of the app throughout the day.”

It can be extremely frustrating to have your TikTok experience interrupted, but it’s essentially a reminder to take a break from the app. Users can opt out of the “digital wellbeing” feature. To do this, head to Settings > Privacy > Privacy Settings > Turn off “digital wellbeing”.

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TikTok “you are following too fast” notification

The TikTok “you’re following too fast” notification comes up for similar reasons. Instead of commenting too fast, TikTok will notify users if they’re following tonnes of followers without spending a lot of time looking at each one.

This is understandable as there are many accounts on TikTok with fake followers, so TikTok has to monitor this kind of activity.

If you receive a “following too fast” notification, you will be banned from following other users for some time.

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What is the TikTok “you are visiting too frequently” message?

Some TikTok users have received a notification reading: “sorry you are visiting our service too frequently”. This can be puzzling for some TikTok users who obviously spend a lot of time on the app.

If you are accessing TikTok from a shared network such as at work or school, this is a common occurrence as there will be many people logging into TikTok from one IP address.

However, if you’re accessing TikTok from a home Wi-Fi network, this can be more confusing. Ensure that you have a Wi-Fi password in place and that the network isn’t being shared with anyone else.

Also, if you’re using VPN, the TikTok app doesn’t support VPNs therefore this will be why this message is appearing.

Try staying logged out from TikTok for a while, then log back in later and the issue should have cleared up. Rebooting your home hub can also rectify the problem.

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