Troubleshooting Sky Go “the codec reported an error” error code 14


Sky Go “the codec reported an error” error code 14 has become an inconvenience for Sky customers nationwide. Here’s a look at what to do should anyone experience this error code.

Sky Go is available for download on a variety of devices from Android to iOS, macOS and more.

With the app installed, Sky TV customers can enjoy watching tonnes of content on up to six devices at one time.

However, once an error message pops up, it seems that any chance of enjoying the content that Sky has to offer is gone.

sky go the codec reported an error error code 14
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What is Sky Go “the codec reported an error” code 14?

Sky Go error code 14 is particularly confusing. The error message, “the codec reported an error”, implies that the computer code, or code of the device in use, has reported an error. In many cases, there’s not an apparent issue inhibiting Sky Go from working.

By the looks of many Sky forums, the codec error has been around for a long time. Sky has released patches for certain versions of Sky Go and with each new update, these errors should occur less frequently.

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Troubleshooting Sky Go error code 14

Should Sky Go error code 14 occur, the best thing to do initially is to check that you’re running the latest operating software on the device. Check that the Sky Go app is also up-to-date.

Switch everything off at the mains, wait around five minutes, then switch everything back on and wait for your device to reboot.

In this time you can also check that a strong Wi-Fi signal is being supplied to your device in order to rule out the internet as a problem.

Clearing the cache on the Sky Go app can also help. Head to Settings > Apps > Sky Go > Clear cache and data.

It’s advisable to force close the app and restart your device after clearing the cache.

Always ensure that the Sky Go app you’re running has been downloaded from the official App or Play store.

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Sky Go app not working on iPhone

If you find that the Sky Go app isn’t working on an iPhone, this can also be terribly frustrating.

Check all of the criteria outlined above including Wi-Fi strength, app quality and clear the cache.

Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Click the Sky Go App > Click Offload App.

One the cache has been cleared reboot the iPhone and open the Sky Go app. Things should work correctly now.

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