Umidigi Z2 Review: Cheap Smart Phone Alternative?


Smartphones these days are often extremely expensive. Even though there are some big-name brands making “affordable”, and “mid-range” devices. They are still asking for over £300-£500 for these phones! Today we are going to get into the Umidigi Z2 Review. A smartphone that might just be able to convince you that you can still get a smartphone experience. For a feature phone price!


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Umidigi Z2 Review

The Umidigi Z2 is the second generation of its model. Following the Z1. It comes directly from the manufacturer in China, and their phones often boast impressive specs and even more impressive looks.

In this Umidigi Z2 Review, we are going to dive into a more detailed overview of the specifications that the Umidigi Z2 offers. We will tell you why we think that this is the cheap smartphone alternative for you.

Key Features:

  • Android 8.1 Operating System
  • Dual Sim
  • 4G Enabled
  • 6.2 Inch Screen
  • 19:9 Aspect Ratio
  • 6GB Ram
  • 16MP + 8MP Rear Cameras
  • 16MP + 8MP Front Cameras
  • 3850 mAh Battery Life
  • Mali G71 MP2 GPU

Android 8.1

Although slightly older, the Umidigi Z2 runs a clean, but the well-working version of stock Android 8.1.

At this price point, you cant expect a smartphone with this many great features to include the latest and greatest across the board. However, we wouldn’t let it change your mind on this device because although slightly dated. This phone includes full Google applications on its android 8.1.

Android 8.1 will still allow you to run the day to day tasks you need to get on with your business, as well as running most of your favourite apps. So there won’t be any limitations due to the version of Android that it runs.

In fact, if you take a look at some of the other features on this phone you can clearly see that where it may have slightly older specifications. It makes up in many other areas and is a perfect phone for many who enjoy a simplistic phone with all the features you could ever need at an insanely cheap price.

Dual Sim

For anyone who is unfamiliar with what a “Dual Sim Phone” is. It is a phone that allows 2 sim cards to be placed into the sim card tray, giving you the ability to run two phones from one device. This is perfect for a business professional who has a personal sim and a business sim. As well as creators and many other kinds of people who want to keep one life separate from the other. Taking charge of their life and allowing them to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet every once and a while.

4G LTE Enabled

Often with phones at these prices, they will come with limited features or only be able to run on 3G. Not with the Umidigi Z2. This phone allows you to play with the big boys running a full 4G connection. Meaning that you can use this device not only for calls and texts but for social media, streaming, and gaming too. Allowing you to split your day to day activities and your downtime into two!


One massive thing for us is the display size. A 6,2 Inch Display. This display is not only a large display but competes with some of the biggest brands in the industry in terms of size. If you are someone who enjoys a larger display. When using your phone for day-to-day activities or watching videos online. You surely will not be disappointed with the large screen size that Umidigi Z2 has to offer here. They offer a full colour capacitive touch screen that will surely brighten up your day.

The screen to body ratio is also very impressive, with small bezels along the side and an iPhone-esk notch along the top. Screen to body ratio is often very important when you really want to get immersed in what is going on in your phone. Often times with this price point the screen to body ratio will be quite disappointing. However, Umidigi has placed a large focus on this and really has knocked the ball out of the park.

The screen also includes a 19:9 aspect ratio. Meaning a tall and slim feeling smartphone that will fit perfectly in your hands, making the user experience much more friendly.

6GB Ram + Mali G71 MP2 GPU

Although this phone may not be the best for hardcore gaming. With 6GB of Ram and an ARM Mali G71 MP2 GPU. You will surely find that performing your daily tasks will be a breeze.

They allow for a very smooth feeling experience without stuttering and also give you that sense of “flagship device”. Even tho they might not exactly be pulling the exact specs as some of the top of the range phones out there.

For someone who is planning on using this device either casually or in a business manner. These specs will surely be enough to deal with all the stress that you put them through and really show you that not all good things have to come with a huge price tag.



Dual Front and Rear Cameras

Another of the mind-blowing specs that this device has to offer is a Quad Camera Set-up.

Dual-camera on the front of the phone and a dual-camera module on the back. Both sides coming with an 18MP main camera and an 8MP secondary camera. The front camera is sure to enhance your selfie gaming boasting a large 18MP camera. Whilst the rear camera and its HDR abilities will make you feel like your a professional photographer.

The camera quality on this phone is extremely surprising and in a very good way. The photos that are being shot with these devices come out and look amazing, they are well-rounded camera modules and although at the price point you don’t imagine the quality being that good it really is one of those things that you have to see to believe it.

Quad cameras have always been a thing of the flagship. With most market leaders only actually starting to incorporate quad cameras in their highest models. Their lower-end model (which are still hundreds and hundreds of pounds) only offering triple-camera set-ups.

With a camera module on par with some of the biggest badest companies out there and quality to match you really cannot go wrong with this phone. It also has built-in HDR software to enhance your photo taking skills and quality.

Battery Life

The battery life on this device is will keep a full charge for the entire day which includes any social or work usage.

Another boost to its rankings is that it comes with an 18W Fast Charging capability. Meaning you can take it from 0% battery to 100% battery in roughly 80 minutes! Most people who will use this phone will need a large battery life. On the off chance that it runs out, you will know that you can charge the battery up in no time at all.

Using this phone every day you will see that it can more than just keep up with its competitors in the battery department.


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Conclusion of the Umidigi Z2 Review

Coming to the end of the Umidigi Z2 Review you can see, this phone is a pretty good example of high specs and low price. With some stand out features like the Mediatek Helio P23 Processor and a 6.2-inch display. A high-quality camera with large battery life, and even a dual card tray.

Seeing the photos that can be taken on the front camera and the rear camera, and in low light is astonishing.

The phone does not come with a headphone jack and in its place is a USB Type C connector that acts as both a charging port as well as audio and data transfer. There is an adapter inside the box once purchased. This is not your average budget smartphone. In fact, there is nothing average about this phone. This phone is like a phone that is bursting to be a flagship phone but would never ask its beloved buyers to pay the price.

The price at which this is placed is much better than a lot of competitors with these specs and could really get you excited about what the future in phones has to offer. Great software, great hardware. An all-round great experience.

Many people will overlook this phone as they are maybe not familiar with the brand or because it is made directly in china and is also very cheap they will think that it is a cheap knockoff, but we can tell you that this is far from the truth.

This phone is a great all-round phone, giving you everything you could possibly need to carry out your tasks. Giving professionals and casual users the ability to feel good within their phone and know that they have amazing specs in their pocket for a fraction of the price that most would pay for the latest and greatest flagship phone. This phone is the type that will make you start to realize that there are some other competitors out there willing to completely undercut the market to make sure they have their fair share of customers!

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In the box you get:

A Case: They include a case inside the box which means that you don’t need to go out and spend more money on a case to keep your phone safe!

Phone: The phone comes in the box is a rather pleasant unboxing experience.

Earphones Adapter: This is the USB Type C adapter that was spoken about for when you want to go from charging to listening.

Power Adapter: Power adapter to support the 18W Fast Charging abilities

SIM Needle: To access the dual card tray.

Pretty good accessories for this price point.




Who made UMiDiGi?

Umidigi is made and founded by Johnny Zhang. The proud owner of one of China’s top ten biggest smartphone manufacturers. Who is said to have always been an innovator of technology from a young age.

Are Umidigi phones waterproof?

The Umidigi Z2 is not classed as waterproof as it does not come with an IP Rating. This means that this phone is not certified as water or dust resistant, although most phones will come with a certain level of resilience to dust and water, it is not a phone that is able to be submerged underwater. Although not waterproof, you can still use it in day to day tasks and not have to worry due to the solid build quality.

Is Umidigi any good?

Umidigi is a very good brand, making some of the most feature-packed smartphones at a low price point. Although not a huge name across the world, they are in China’s Top 10 when it comes to developing smartphones and are growing every day. Umidigi is dedicated to making amazing smartphones and always making sure that they give the best user experience possible.


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