What is ghosting on Houseparty? Learn the lingo of everyone’s favourite app


Developed by Life on Air Inc and released in 2019, Houseparty is an app you’re sure to hear of – that’s if you haven’t already.

Houseparty has surged in popularity in 2020 due to the global Coronavirus lockdown. While people can no longer go out and socialise with their friends and family, thanks to the “face-to-face” video-based social network, we can enjoy some form of socialising.

With new apps often come a tonne of questions, from how to create or remove an account to what specific phrases mean when using Houseparty.

What is ghosting on Houseparty? We take a look at some of the terms used on the app.

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What is ghosting on Houseparty?

If you haven’t heard the term ‘ghosting’ before when it comes to social media and you’re seeing it for the first time on the Houseparty app, then it can be pretty confusing.

The term ‘ghosting’ basically means to disappear from the app, if you want to use Houseparty but not have everyone else know you’re on there, you’ll need to hit the ‘ghost’ option.

In the same way that you can’t see a ghost, if you choose to ‘ghost’ on Houseparty, your friends won’t be notified that you’re “in the house”.

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Houseparty: What is a locked room?

A ‘locked room’ on the Houseparty app is a private space.

If you were at a real house party, locking a room would enable you to share gossip with select people, and that’s exactly what the ‘locked room’ option provides on Houseparty. Partygoers can ask to join your room, but if you don’t want them in there, they can be ignored. Parties in ‘locked rooms’ are by invite only.

If you want to lock your room on the app, simply click the padlock icon at the bottom of the screen.

If you’re not keen on ‘open’ parties, where everyone can mingle, you can automatically lock your room. To do this, please follow the steps below:

  • From the home screen, click the ‘smiley face’ icon (top left of the screen).
  • Click the ‘settings’ cog.
  • Find ‘privacy mode’ and turn ‘on’.

What does ‘around’ mean on the Houseparty app?

If you see a friend on Houseparty and their status is ‘around’, this means that they’re logged into the app but they haven’t chosen to be online.

Because they’re ‘around’ you can send them a wave to get them to join the party. However, you can’t video chat with them straight away as you would with a friend who’s status is ‘online’.

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