What to Do if LG 25um58-p Has No Display: Simple Monitor Fix


If your LG 25um58-P has no display, you’re experiencing a common issue with this model. The question is, how can you fix it?

The LG 25um58-P is a popular monitor for gaming due to its ultra-wide display and clean-cut resolution. Not only that, but this gaming monitor also comes with a reasonable price tag, making it relatively cheap in terms of gaming PC monitors.

Unfortunately, sometimes the LG 25um58-P has no display. This intermittent and frustrating fault apparently appears out of nowhere.

If you have struggled with no display on your LG monitor, fear not. We’re going to take a look at this common issue, find out why it happens and tell you how to fix it.

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LG 25um58-p no display
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Why Does the LG 25um58-P Show No Display?

If you use the LG 25um58-P for gaming, you’ll know that when the display drops out on this monitor, it can be a very frustrating problem.

So, what causes this issue?

Well, it looks as though a common cause for this popular monitor showing no display is due to the graphics. This means that if the graphics card in your machine supports a higher resolution than the LG 25um58-P monitor, it can cause it to show no display.

Another factor could be the software on the monitor and whether or not it has been updated. If the drivers on the LG25UM58-P are not the latest version, it can cause issues such as no display, flickering and static.

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How to Fix LG 25um58-P No Display

Unfortunately, it looks as though the LG 25um58-P showing no display is a recurring issue for this particular model without one definite fix.

But all is not lost. There are still some solutions you can try to get the display working again on your LG monitor.

Firstly, you can try reducing the graphics output on your PC or Mac.

After searching the issue online, it seems that the following graphics seem to trigger the issue when the monitor is being used for Windows 10:

  • 4K
  • 1440p
  • 1080p

However, updating the screen drivers might allow you to use the monitor with higher resolution graphics.

Secondly, make sure you are using HMDI 2.0 where possible and if using a Mac, opt for an HMDI converter where possible. This will ensure that the ultra-wide (21:1) monitor display is supported and will hopefully reduce the risk of your LG 25um58-P showing no display.

Still Having Problems with Your LG Monitor?

If you are still having issues with your LG 25um58-P monitor, it might be worth getting in touch with LG Support.

As this appears to be an ongoing issue with the model itself, they may be able to offer some specific advice to your setup. They may also send out a technician to look at your monitor if there appears to be a deeper technical problem.

Alternatively, you can contact the Digi Helpdesk Team for further support with your LG 25um58-P monitor. We are always happy to advise on your technical queries will do our best to find a solution!

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