What to do when your LG TV is not responding to Amazon Alexa requests

Amazon Echo Dot showing an error

The Amazon Alexa is a popular product that seamlessly interacts with smart devices in your home, but what do you do when your LG TV is not responding?

Since coming to the market a few years ago, Alexa, the artificially intelligent voice of Amazon, has taken the world by storm and currently resides in millions of homes across the globe.

Alexa can help you with simple tasks such as settings reminders, can play music and interacts with other devices in our homes such as lights and TVs to make your life even more convenient.

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However, you might be disappointed if your LG TV is not responding to Alexa, so we’ve put together a guide to help you when it stops working.

Using TV remote when LG TV is not responding to Alexa

How does Alexa communicate and work with other smart devices?

Alexa is an artificial intelligence created by Amazon and lives in its cloud where it can use its database to respond and act upon certain requests.

Smart devices are coming out at a much faster rate now than they were a few years ago thanks to the rise in popularity of Alexa.

When you ask Alexa a question or tell her to do something, the device will translate the request into text and run it through its memory to see the best way to respond.

If you want her to do something with another smart device, those technologies have the same AI that allows them to communicate with Alexa and respond to your request.

Why would my LG TV not respond to Alexa?

Unfortunately, not all models of LG TVs are compatible with Alexa and you need one of their newer SmartThinq models in order to connect it to your Amazon device.

These are the models that currently support communication with Alexa; W8, G8, E8, C8, B8, B8S, SK95, SK85, SK81, SK80, UK75, UK69, UK67, UK65, UK64, UK63, LK62, LK61, LK59.

If none of these are your TV then it is impossible for Alexa to connect to them as they don’t have the capabilities to receive your requests.

If your TV is one of these, however, then carry on reading because it is likely that you just need to set up your TV correctly.

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How to get your LG TV to start responding to Alexa again in four simple steps

These are the steps you need to follow in order to set up your LG SmartThinq TV with Alexa

  1. Launch the “Set Up TV for Amazon Alexa” app on the launcher bar on your LG TV by clicking the Home button on your remote.
  2. Sign in to your LG or Amazon account and select the name of your TV.
  3. Go to the Alexa App on your phone to enable “LG SmartThinQ – Complete” skill and link the accounts.
  4. Return to your TV to complete the setup as it will guide you through.