5 Best Underwater Cameras for Murky Water


If you’re looking for the best underwater camera for murky water, you might not know where to start. Luckily, we’re here to help!

Whether you want an underwater camera for fishing, professional photography or purely as a recreational hobby, when it comes to digital cameras, there are numerous choices. The technology used in digital cameras is advancing all the time, but how do you know which is best for you?

Well, to choose the best underwater digital camera, you need to consider many factors. This includes battery life, technology, picture quality and of course, cost.

So, to make things easier we’ve narrowed down the 5 best underwater cameras for murky water. Let’s take a closer look at them.

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Best underwater camera for murky water
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Anton Darius via Unsplash

Underwater Viewing System – Aqua-Vu AC 715C

This underwater camera is designed for use by both industry experts and beginners. It comes with a newly enhanced operating system so it can be used in both freshwater and saltwater. A great choice for those wanting to explore the depths of the ocean as well as lakes and ponds.

The Aqua-Vu AC 715C gives exceptional picture quality in both murky and clear water. Not only that, but the large display comes with high resolution and changeable lighting. If you’re looking for a reliable underwater camera for longer use, the Aqua Vu provides a long-life battery and 50 feet of cable for ease of use too.


  • 7-inch full colour screen.
  • Anti-Spook Fish camera with low-light mode.
  • 12v long-life battery.
  • Adjustable view fin for down and side viewing.
  • Sunshield and screen protector.

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Anysun Underwater Camera

This underwater camera is perfect for those wanting to delve deep into the murky waters of lakes and ponds. The IP68 certified waterproof camera will record clear high-quality images up to 15 metres below the surface of the water with up to 12 hours battery life. In addition to that, this underwater camera also offers night vision – a definite selling point for some.

Not only that, but the Anysun Underwater Camera and all its accessories also fit into a single, small compact carry case. This makes it the perfect companion for those trips away if you’re looking to travel light. The monitor is also a decent 7-inches wide, fully equipped with sun visor.


  • IP68 underwater camera.
  • 15-metre camera cable.
  • 7-inch-screen in full-colour resolution.
  • Night vision feature.
  • 12v battery with 9-12 hours of battery life.
  • 700 TV lines image quality.
  • Up to 32GB SD recording memory.

Best Underwater Camera for Murky Water: Eyoyo 1000TVL

The Eyoyo made the list of the best underwater camera for murky waters due to its high spec and affordability.

Similar to the Anysun underwater camera, the Eyoyo boats a 7-inch screen. However, this extremely portable camera offers 50m cable and an LCD screen built right into the travel case underside lid. To protect this built-in camera, the entire carry case is waterproof – not only the camera itself. A handy feature to protect from any watery accidents.

The Eyoyo underwater camera can record videos and snap still photos and also offers infrared mode with up to 7 hours of battery life.


  • 7-inch LCD screen.
  • 7-hour battery life.
  • 4GB SD card included.
  • 50m camera cable.
  • Water-resistant carry case.
  • 3-inch CMOS sensor camera.

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Lucky Underwater Fishing Camera Viewing System

This underwater camera is perfect fishing, swimming or diving. Despite being originally manufactured for clear water, the LED lights surrounding this underwater camera has made it a popular choice for those filming in darker and murkier waters. It comes with a 4.3-inch LCD screen with a 20m reel cable.

The setup of this camera is much like a traditional digital camera and is made not only to record and snap pictures but also for playback and photo viewing, too. This smaller, more compact underwater camera has a battery life of up to 4 hours and comes with a USB charging cable.


  • 3-inch LCD screen.
  • Up to 8GB memory.
  • Up to 4-hour battery life.
  • 20m reel camera cable.
  • Camera features LCD lights for darker water filming.

MarCum VS485C LCD Underwater Camera

This underwater camera is a great choice for filming and recording in murkier waters with one of the best optics systems around. Not only that, but it also comes with an exceptionally high-quality viewing and large display screen. The screen displays battery level, depth and temperature change too.

The MarCum underwater camera also wins extra points for usability. This is down to its simple controls and basic, but efficient, operating system. This underwater camera is lightweight and comes with a sturdy but compact carry case. If you’re planning on taking your underwater camera on trips away, this design is knock-proof, made to protect the screen and camera from outside damage.


  • 7-inch widescreen screen.
  • Colour and black and white viewing optional.
  • 50ft camera cable.
  • 12v battery.
  • Sunshield.
  • LED lighting for murky water.

So, there you have our five best underwater cameras for murky water. Of course, the model and design of the camera you are looking for really depends on your use and personal needs. However, you can get an exceptionally wide range of underwater cameras to meet all budgets and requirements.

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