How to Rename Philips Hue Lights With Alexa Voice Commands


Are you trying to rename Philips hue lights with Alexa?

In the following article, we look at a step-by-step guide of how you can achieve this.

Alexa voice commands can provide you with a high level of hands-free control of connected devices throughout your home.

While it offers plenty of benefits, sometimes it can be tricky getting the hand of different technology.

Let’s start by looking at how Alexa voice commands work with devices like Philips hue lights!

How to Rename Philips Hue Lights With Alexa Voice Commands
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How Do I Rename a Device on Alexa?

Amazon Alexa is a popular app designed to launch and control Alexa-connected devices.

In addition, you can use it to access news updates, play music and lots more.

Whether it is Philips hue lights or another device, you can rename them using the Amazon Alexa app following several easy steps.

So without further adieu, let’s discuss the steps required!

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How to Rename Philips hue Lights With Alexa

Whether it is Philips hue lights or another smart home device, you can employ the Alexa app to rename them.

Alternatively, you can rename this device using the Hue app itself but for now, we’re interested in how to rename devices with Alexa.

Here’s what you must do to rename a device using Alexa:

  • Open the Alexa app
  • Click on the menu button (top left)
  • Choose Smart Home
  • Select the device you’d like to rename (e.g. Philips hue lights)
  • Once the page for the device opens up, click on the three small ellipses/dots (top right)
  • When on the settings page, select Edit Name
  • Tap the icon ‘X’ or backspace to remove the existing name before typing in the new name for your device.
  • Select Done to confirm the device’s new name

These changes will save automatically!

Remember that this action will only rename devices on Alexa.

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How to Rename Philips hue Lights – Using the hue App

If you’ve undertaken the steps described above and you open the device’s app (e.g. hue app), the original name would still appear.

So you might want to rename the device on its own app also, so it will have the correct name on both ends.

Here’s how you can rename Philips hue lights with the hue app:

  • In the main control screen, select the settings gear icon (top-left)
  • Choose Light setup
  • By tapping on any of the lights that appear on the next screen, they will flash (allowing you to identify the name of any given device)
  • Then click on the ‘i’ icon (right of the device name)
  • Select the text box and rename the light bulb

Once you’ve renamed your hue lights with the hue app, it’s a perfect chance to set up the room ambience.

You can do this by tapping Settings and choosing Room setup.

Turn on TV With Alexa

As well as controlling the lighting with just your voice, Alexa allows for even more options around the home, too.

Not only can you set the ambience of a room but you can even turn the TV volume up or down via voice control, as well as selecting a Netflix series to watch. See our guide on how to turn on a TV with Alexa and Firestick.

We hope you enjoyed our guide on renaming Philips hue lights with the Alexa app. Smart home capabilities have really been taken up a notch over the past few years, in 2018 Facebook Portal was launched. Should you require any assistance in shouting commands at your Facebook Portal device, we have a guide on that, too!

In a similar vein, Sonos audio systems can also be controlled via Alexa – there really is no end to what can be voice-controlled nowadays. Be sure to follow the Digi Helpdesk blog for lots more content including articles related to Alexa devices!

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