Alcatel 3025x Review. Is This The Best Budget Feature Phone?


The Alcatel 3025x is one of the first devices that come to mind when your budget happens to be on a budget. It comes packed with a 2.8″ Display, runs on the Linux Operating System, a 2 MP Camera Sensor, and expandable storage through MicroSD Card. In this article, we are going to review the Alcatel 3025x. Later we will dive deeper into the specs, battery life, day to day usage, and much more. At the end of this article, you will be able to make the best decision possible on whether or not the Alcatel 3025x is the feature phone for you.


The Alcatel 3025x Feature Phone

The stand out features on the Alcatel 3025x are as follows:


  1. 2.8″ Screen
  2. 2MP Camera
  3. Linux OS
  4. MicroSD Card Slot
  5. Colour Screen
  6. 3G Mobile Connection
  7. Up To 8 Days Battery Life
  8. Headphone Jack
  9. FM Radio


  1. Unable to use Wi-Fi Connectivity
  2. No App Store
  3. Cannot Wireless Charging
  4. No IP Waterproof Rating
  5. Unable To Use With 4G Sim Card

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The Features

Diving a little deeper, when you first look at the specifications for the Alcatel 3025x, they may not scream Flagship Device. Nor will any of them be able to stand up against any of the current popular phones. However, the Alcatel 3025x is perfect for a select number of individuals. Those who are primarily focused on being able to do basic tasks on their mobile on a very wallet-friendly budget.

This device offers very specific features to those who are interested in this kind of Flip Phone Style Feature Phone.



For many of us accustomed to the 2020 standard screen size, most climbing over the 6″ mark, this may seem smaller. However, for people who are used to this being a good screen size for them, the Alcatel 3025x screen packs a punch. The 240×320-pixel display is a full-colour display, and for an older feeling kind of device, it provides an enjoyable experience.

On the “flip side” to the 2.8″ screen is the 2MP camera, although not a state of the art camera it will certainly do the job. The rear placement for the camera module is also very favourable.



3G Mobile Connectivity

The Alcatel 3025x is only available through 3G Sim Cards. Now, that being said, this phone is not aimed towards people who want to spend hours every day browsing social media, watching YouTube videos, or streaming their favourite Netflix show. With the device only being able to perform basic tasks like phone calls, messaging, and FM Radio, to me 3G is perfectly fine for the device and I wouldn’t let you put you off too much.

This device is not capable of running your favourite apps from the app store so 4G Connectivity in not really necessary, however, this is not the demographic Alcatel are trying to target with their 3025x model.

The tests that have been done for this device have provided some positive feedback, when making phone calls the 3025x has said to have a clear microphone and lets your voice be heard as it should, with zero muffling or distortion.


Up To 8 Days Battery Life

This is with the most optimized situation, with the phone on stand by and not being used day in day out answering many calls and texts every 10 minutes. Although, you read it right. The Alcatel 3025x can manage up to 200 hours on stand by. That means you could leave your phone down for an entire week and not have to worry about charging it once, and you’ll be able to pick it straight up and get back to making calls, texts, or listening to the built-in FM Radio.

The Alcatel 3025x will provide you with up to 4.5 hours talk time. However, if you are one to put your phone down and not use it for a few days, we believe this could the perfect product for you because of that standby battery life.


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Headphone Jack And Built-In FM Radio

One of the many good features of this device is the fact that they still have included the headphone jack, unlike many new phones. This will come in handy when you listen to the built-in FM Radio. It may not compare to your favourite Spotify playlist or your new mix on Soundcloud, but it is definitely better than nothing and being able to use some of your accessories that you have had lying around in your drawers for the last few years with “older” connections. It does make for an enjoyable user experience.



Unable To Connect To Wi-Fi

Obviously, Alcatel has certain customers in mind when it comes to this device. Maybe it’s more targeted at an older generation, people who are less inclined to search the web, try and stream movies on the go, or download apps from the app store, so we suppose that this feature could go overlooked depending on who it is that is interested in buying this device.



Are Alcatel phones any good?

Although Alcatel phones are often overlooked, they are genuinely well-built phones. The Alcatel 3025x comes packed with lots of features. It gives a beautiful user experience with a backlit keypad for anyone who struggles to see the keypad. There are so many features that are offered to users that many people won’t even notice. They have fully committed with the Alcatel 3025x to a certain demographic and they’ve achieved a brilliant device.

Are Alcatel phones waterproof?

The Alcatel 3025x has no IP Rating. Meaning that this device has not been certified as waterproof. I would say that all phones come with basic resilience to water, rain, and dust. However, I wouldn’t trust fully submerging the device for any length of time and testing it out!

Is Alcatel a smartphone?

Many Alcatel devices are classed as smartphones. The Alcatel 3025x is not one of them, this device is classified as a Feature Phone meaning although it comes with many different features. It lacks some of the capabilities that a smartphone has. It is more simple and easy to use and sticks to a traditional phone style.



Whilst writing this Alcatel 3025x review, we have realized a lot about how different demographics may see this phone. we genuinely do believe the right customer for this phone is out there, and that this phone could be absolutely all a lot of people’s needs. An easy to use, consumer-friendly, pop in your sim card and go type of device. Removing all of the noise from the massive market of smartphones that are basically fully-fledged cameras with speakers as loud as your Bluetooth speaker. Mobile phones these days are always jam-packed with so many features it’s hard to keep up. and reviewing this phone today was like a breath of fresh air just focusing down on a phone that is specific to its target audience, it provides certain services, provides them well, and provides them cheap.


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