Apple Music Error 3561: How to Fix and Download Songs Again


If you’re an iOS user, you may have come across Apple Music error 3561 when using the music platform.

Apple released Apple Music back in 2015 and it is fast becoming the preferred music platform for iOS users. Some people have even eschewed iTunes, under the assumption Apple Music will become the sole program used for Apple device music.

Whether or not that is true is yet to be seen, however, in the meantime, common errors such as 3561 are still cropping up in Apple Music.

If you’ve ever faced Apple Music error 3561, you’ll want to know how to fix it and how to avoid it in the future.

Read on to find out how!

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Apple Music Error 3561

Unfortunately, whilst Apple Music error 3561 is a common error amongst iOS users, it is relatively unrecognised by Apple Support.

Whilst this error is not listed on Apple Support with a go-to fix, or cause, there are still some fixes you can try which may resolve the issues:

First, open Apple Music and navigate to ‘Music’.

Next, go to ‘Preferences’, then ‘Advanced’, where you should see the option to ‘Reset Cache’.

Select ‘Reset Cache’ and close Apple Music entirely.

Re-open the app and try downloading your music from iCloud again.

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Still Seeing Apple Music Error 3561?

If you are stilling seeing this common error, you can try updating your Apple Music or iTunes versions.

To do this, open up your Apple Music app and in settings select ‘Version’. If there is an update waiting, it will give you the option to update.

For iTunes, visit the iTunes website on your browser and select ‘Download Latest Version’ on the menu.

If you are still struggling with error code 3561, you can also update your iCloud library in iTunes by going to ‘File’, then ‘Library’ and selecting ‘Update iCloud Library’.

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Fix Apple Music Error 3561 – Clear Multiple Tags on MP3 Files

Another common cause of Apple Music error 3561 is caused by old MP3 files.

Sometimes, older tracks in MP3 format can have multiple tags listed in the file. This can cause issues when integrating MP3 files stored in the Cloud, into Apple Music.

To work around this issue, you can remove the multiple tags in iTunes. Before trying the following steps, please be aware that any artwork associated with the track or album will be lost, and will need to be added manually later.

The following steps were shared in an Apple Community thread as a fix for the above problem:

  • Open iTunes and navigate to ‘File’.
  • Select ‘Convert’, then ‘Convert ID3 Tags’, then select ‘None’.
  • Repeat if necessary

The next step is to then build a fresh tag using the information stored in the iTunes database using the following instructions:

  • In iTunes, navigate back to ‘File’ and ‘Convert’.
  • Finally, select ‘Convert ID3 Tags’ again and then ‘v2.3’.

The user in the thread reports that selecting v2.3 is most likely to succeed as iTunes supports v2.3 widely and is less likely to produce an error.

You may also come across other errors on Apple Music, including 9039. This is a common error reported by users that can be resolved in a few simple steps.

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