Botisimo music player not working? Follow these tips!

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Botisimo music player not working? We understand that for many, there is nothing worse than when your much-loved technologies or devices don’t work properly.

Whether you’re curled up in bed trying to play a game, at a friends house or just wanting to Livestream, if your chatbot isn’t playing, it can really affect your gaming experience as well as your playing skills.

Nobody wants to have to deal with technical issues, especially when you’re trying to unwind. So here’s what to do if your Botisimo music player isn’t working!
Photo by from Pexels

What is a Botisimo music player?

Botisimo is a livestream chatbot available for Youtube, Mixer, Discord, and Twitch, for some great video streaming options be sure to check out they list some great replacements and alternatives to Mixer with some helpful information to assist you. Video Streaming Alternatives to Mixer

Botisimo is cloud-based, its information and data get backed up on the cloud. With regards to the cloud, it’s not classed as an additional programme on your device, meaning it won’t take away CPU usage and use up your device’s memory while streaming or playing a game, unlike others do.

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How to add Botisimo to Mixer – step by step!

One thing in particular that has always been confusing with Livestreaming in general, is adding music to your stream. Xbox for example, only captures gameplay, ignoring other music apps on the device.

Many people struggle with using Bositimo’s music function, in particular, adding it to the mixer, so don’t worry… you’re not alone!

The way Xbox works is that, if you were to hear one of your favourite songs play, you cant have it playing in the background of your stream, but that’s where Botisimo comes in.

  1. Firstly, make sure you are logged into your Livestream account, as simple as this sounds, it only works if you customise it for yourself!
  2. You need to look for the ‘Music‘ section of your account and click underneath is labelled ‘Live music player.’
  3. Copy the link address found underneath the title ‘Live music player.’
  4. Make sure you haven’t clicked on ‘Now playing’ as the audio is muted and you won’t hear anything!
  5. Going back onto your Livestream, click the green plus sign and press ‘3rd party integrations‘.
  6. The Botisimo logo should’ve appeared on the left-hand side of your screen, you should now paste the link into what looks like a search engine.
  7. Reduce the size into the corner of your screen so it is out of the way.
  8. You should now be ready to go and play your favourite tunes on your stream!

What other elements does Botisimo include?

Botisimo has included its own ‘Request a song’ segment to it. It includes the feature that viewers in your chat are allowed to add songs to the list. Pretty cool right?

Viewers of the stream can add their own links to your playlist with the use of  “!songrequest > (the youtube URL you’re using) > command.

They will be pasting this into the same place you are, in case you are watching a Livestream yourself and want to queue a song! Note: Always make sure that the URL is from YouTube and in that form.