How to Use the Postcode Checker to Find Freeview Channels


Freeview, a popular TV service in the UK, provides a wide array of channels without any subscription fees. Currently, 37% of UK households rely on Freeview for their daily dose of entertainment but depending on your postcode, the channels available to you may differ.

You can use the Freeview Postcode Checker, to see what channels you can receive in your area.

In this article, we’ll guide you through using the postcode checker step by step. Whether it’s for planning your TV viewing or exploring new channels, understanding this simple process ensures you make the most of your Freeview experience.

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How do I use the Postcode Checker to find Freeview Channels?

Using the Postcode Channel Checker is extremely easy. To see what channels are available in your area, just:

  1. Visit the Freeview Channel Checker.
  2. Type in your postcode and house number into the fields.
  3. A list of available channels for your area will appear.
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Can I receive Freeview at my Address?

To check if you can receive the Freeview service in your area, you’ll need to head over to the Freeview website. On the website, you will be asked some questions to see if Freeview is compatible in your home.

The first step is to understand what connections you have at home – you need to click on the one that suits you most. If you have more than one option, that’s okay, you can click all of them if needs be!

They then ask to check which channels you could get – this is where you add your postcode. This is required to check which channels you can watch from home.

Finally, it will ask which Freeview devices you already have (whether that is built into your TV or you need to buy a Freeview box – select which one is correct for you.)

To check if you’re eligible for Freeview – Follow the step by step guide here

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What channels can I get on Freeview?

Freeview has over 70 of the biggest channels provided for no charge at all.

Some of the nation’s favourite channels like BBC One, BBC Two, ITV, ITV2, Channel 4, Dave and E4 all feature on Freeview. Whether you’re a Made in Chelsea megafan or an avid watcher of Antiques Roadshow, there’s something for everyone with Freeview.

There are so many more channels to explore with Freeview and that fact that it’s free makes the service even more enjoyable.