Chromecast keeps disconnecting from WiFi: A reboot guide


These days we rely heavily on the use of a Wi-Fi connection. A lot of enjoyment comes from surfing the internet, playing online games, video chats with family and friends or streaming online videos.

For some people, a Wi-Fi connection is vital because they make a living using it.

Wi-Fi gives the ability to connect to the internet without the use of wires. This makes moving around freely while staying connected a lot easier.

One impressive use of Wi-Fi is the ability to connect separate devices together, for example, casting your mobile phone content to your TV screen.

Chromecast is a device that relies on a Wi-Fi connection and we find out what to do if doesn’t stay connected.

chromecast keeps disconnecting from wifi
Envato Elements – Chromecast keeps disconnecting from WiFi

How does Wi-Fi actually work?

Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) sends and receives signals to devices through the use of radio frequencies.

This is not the same as car radio or mobile phone frequencies which work in Kilohertz or Megahertz.

Wi-Fi operates in the Gigahertz range. More importantly the 2.4Ghz and 5GHz range.

This can be compared to the wave frequency and Wi-Fi receives information from a certain frequency cycle rate.

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Chromecast keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi

If you find that your Chromecast keeps disconnecting from your home broadband, the following suggestions may correct the issue. Remember: Every router and its settings are different. Making changes to the settings may have an unexpected outcome, so if in doubt, it’s always best to contact your internet service provider. However, if you feel confident in this area please follow the steps below.

  • BT customers should turn off the Smart Setup feature in the router settings on their hub and reset the Chromecast. See BT’s guide on this online here.
  • On your internet router, enable the following: ‘Universal Plug and Play’, ‘multicast’, ‘Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP)’.
  • And disable any of the following: ‘AP/client isolation’, ‘virtual private networks (VPNs)’, ‘proxy servers’, ‘IGMP Proxy’.

Chromecast won’t stay connected to a Wi-Fi connection: A reboot guide

Here’s a guide to reboot your Chromecast if it won’t stay connected to a Wi-Fi connection:

  • Check that the power light (white) on the Chromecast is on and that the Wi-Fi lights on the router are on and working.
  • Hold the reset button on your Chromecast device for twenty-five seconds.
  • Reset your router. Different models vary, but there is usually a small button to reset it, use a pin and hold it in until the router resets.
  • Disconnect your broadband router from the mains and reconnect. Wait for it to fully initialise.
  • Connect your Chromecast to your TV again with an HDMI cable.
  • Plug the power cable into your Chromecast as well as the mains and turn on.
  • Check that your router is not too far away from your Chromecast device (within 10-15 feet).
  • You could get a Wi-Fi booster to boost the signal if your router is in another room.
  • If you’re using dual-band Wi-Fi and a first-generation Chromecast, make sure to connect the Chromecast to the 2.4GHz of the Wifi Network and not the 5GHz.
  • Check if there have been any firmware updates to your router and if there has been, contact your internet service provider for assistance.

If these options don’t work, try to connect your Chromecast device to a different network (such as your phone’s mobile hotspot) and TV (if you have another in the house). The fault could be within the device itself and you may need a replacement.

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