Deep dive Toshiba 65X9863DB review – Redefining television as we know it!


We take a look and give you a Toshiba 65X9863DB review providing everything you need to know about the product.

It is one of those interesting products that fill the gap between a bargain price TVs and the high-end market.

You certainly won’t be disappointed by its picture or many other features that outpace most of its competition.

Toshiba has really pushed the boat out with its new model in order to help push the TV industry forward.

What are the main features of the Toshiba 65X9863DB?

Many older Toshiba models sport a dated look for the smart menu where you access your apps, but this version is slimmed down and easy to use.

You can also connect the TV through Bluetooth to your smartphone and stream your phone directly to the big screen.

This model comes with an OLED screen to give you the best colours possible – great for nature documentary lovers.

There are many other great features that this new TV offers that you won’t find on other models of a similar price such as all 4K video, all the time.

couple watching tv

Looking into the specs

Rivalling even the most impressive LG models, this new Toshiba television takes the cake for best picture.

The 65-inch screen immerses you totally as a viewer and the sound pushes it one step further by making you feel like your absorbed into the scene.

The Onkyo speakers are kept out of the way to allow for no distractions from the screen and the downward-firing woofer is a nice addition.

If you’re a gamer then look no further because this Toshiba TV offers just 1ms of input lag, for those not so techy it means there’s no delay from the game console to what you see.

Where can you buy the Toshiba 65X9863DB television

For a 65-inch TV, you get much better value for money with this product than many other similar machines.

You can view this TV on Amazon for one of the best deals available.

Split the cost over 5 months with Amazon to spread the cost if you please.


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