We take a look at the Samsung UE43RU7020 – a TV that’s highly evolved!


The Samsung UE43RU7020 has hit the market and is going down a treat with TV lovers.

So, what is it about this brand new 43-inch masterpiece of a telly that makes it so special? We dive into the specifics and what it does differently to its competitors.

Being a smart TV, it comes with all the usual apps that most smart TV’s come with. But, we wanted to find out what separates this exact model from all the rest.

So, let’s take a look at the Samsung UE43RU7020 TV…

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Samsung UE43RU7020: The best bits…

The fact that the Samsung UE43RU7020 allows you to watch all your favourite shows and films in ultra-sharp 4K Ultra HD is a nice touch right off the bat.

The 43-inch screen adjusts to the light conditions to give you the best colours possible thanks to HD10+ technology.

Also perfect for gaming with minimal lag times and perfect motion quality for quick reactions.

The slim design gives you more screen and less TV than ever before, what more do you want?

What really separates this Samsung TV from others on the market?

Firstly, one aspect that separates this smart TV from the rest is the fact that it can sync with your Alexa device. This allows you to change channels with your voice.

A universal guide that gives you tailored recommendations means that less time can be spent browsing and more time is available for you to watch the shows you love.

Love a song on an advert or in the background of a show? Your new TV has the ability to recognise it and let you know exactly what it’s called.

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Are there any other TV’s out there that are similar?

The same model of television, but seven inches bigger, is available at Argos for just £389.

The Samsung UE43RU7020 has a similar design but is a little larger with fewer features.

Or, if you’re looking for a smaller TV, at just £279, the Samsung UE32N5300AKXXU is perfect for those on a lower budget and still has some of the techy specs.

Sat right in the middle of these prices is the UE434U7020 TV and we believe it’s the best available on the market today.

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