Hisense Smart TV Keeps Rebooting: Stop It Restarting Here


When sitting down to watch your favourite show the last thing you want is to deal with your smart tv rebooting on its own. Whether the issue occurs just after you’ve turned it on, during your programme or when you’ve stepped away for a few minutes, this can be concerning.  Especially when this keeps happening.

Your Hisense TV will experience issues when it needs updating but is unable to complete the update. Until this is resolved, your TV may keep rebooting itself.

As well as this there are several issues which your TV could be experiencing. Although this seems worrying, our helpful guide will resolve your Hisense Smart TV issue with ease.

Why does my Hisense Smart TV Keep Rebooting?

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Your Hisense TV will be unable to work as expected when it has an issue with the software. This is likely to be caused by your TV trying to run outdated software. Although your TV should update on its own, if it encounters an error during this process your TV may require technical help.

Besides the software being outdated, here are some additional reasons your Smart TV is not working as expected;

  • Your TV is having hardware issues
  • A faulty power supply
  • Energy-saving mode is crashing your device
  • The device is overheating
  • Your device needs resetting

If any of these issues sound familiar or you are unsure of what is happening with your TV, follow our easy fixes below to get your TV working once again.

How do I restart my Hisense Smart TV?

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When trying to fix your TV a method that can be overlooked is a quick reboot of your device. If you’re unsure how to restart your TV all you need to do is unplug it from a power supply, leave it for at least a minute then plug it back in.

After you’ve plugged it in if it starts to reboot again, repeat the above step.

How to fix the Hisense Smart TV keeps rebooting error

If you are still experiencing the Hisense Smart TV keeps rebooting error after you have restarted your TV twice, here are some further troubleshooting tips to try:

Fix 1. Check your power supply

Your TV issue could be caused by an issue with the power supply. When checking for faults with the TV be sure to check:

  • All cables are securely in place
  • The plugs are working in the power socket (try an alternative plug if possible)
  • There are no frays or damages to any wires

Fix 2. Turn off energy-saving mode

Users have reported that the issue occurred on their Hisense TV after turning on energy-saving mode. Therefore to figure out if your TV is rebooting due to this error here’s how to turn it off:

Step 1. Head to Settings, followed by Picture

Step 2. Next, select Energy Saving and click off

Step 3. Then change to another option such as movie or documentary. If you find it doesn’t change, try another picture option.

Fix 3. Make sure your TV isn’t overheating

If the area around your Smart TV isn’t well ventilated or is close to a radiator or heater, your device may be rebooting as it is too warm. If the TV itself is getting too warm lowering the video settings can help. If you’re unsure how to do this, here’s how:

Step 1. Head to settings on your TV then choose Picture Settings from the menu

Step 2. Lower everything to 80% or less e.g. saturation and colour

Step 3. If your TV keeps rebooting, it may be that the heat is too high. In this case, turn the Hisense Smart TV off for a while to allow it to cool down.

Fix 4. Update the Firmware on your device

If your firmware is outdated, this may cause issues for your TV, therefore making sure both your Firmware and Software are up to date is key. Although this may seem complex, you can do this in just a few easy steps:

Step 1. Launch Settings on your TV via the control then select About or Support

Step 2. Choose System Update followed by Check Firmware Upgrade

Step 3. Select update, then allow a few minutes for this to install

If your system does not provide an update at this point, we’d recommend trying to install this manually via a USB.

Fix 5. Firmware update via USB

Updating your Smart TV manually via a USB is a great way to make sure your TV is running the latest software. Although this method can be significantly longer than doing this via the menu. Before starting this method make sure you have a flash drive or hard drive big enough to hold the software.

Once you are ready to update your firmware, here’s how to do so:

Step 1. Head on to the Hisense website and download the latest TV software.

Step 2. Unzip the folder onto your PC, then open up a separate window with your USB on.

Step 3. Then drag the files across to the external device. Allow a few minutes for this to copy over. The file should be called upgrade_loader.pkg 

Step 4. Make sure your TV is turned off, plug in the USB then switch on your TV again followed by standby mode on the remote

Step 5. Keep holding the standby button until the TV logo appears and a message appears saying updating software

Step 6. Allow time for this to update, usually, this takes around 15 minutes.

Once this is complete, your TV will restart. However, if you notice this does more than two times, then repeat the whole process.

If neither of the Firmware updates fixes the issue, next we’d recommend doing a factory reset.

Fix 6. Factory Reset your Hisense Smart TV

First things first, resetting your TV will remove any existing data on your device. Which will revert it back to its factory settings. Although this can frustrating for apps and picture preferences, it can provide an easy fix.

Step 1. Unplug your Hisense Smart TV from the power outlet and allow at least 15 minutes before plugging it in again.

Step 2. Allow your TV to start up again, then head to settings followed by Storage and Reset.

Step 3. When you select this you will be prompted to choose an option, select Factory Data Reset.


Although we believe these troubleshooting methods should resolve your TV issue. If you are still having technical issues we can offer further support.

But if you are concerned about your device overheating or require a replacement part you can contact Hisense for further advice. The best way to reach them is via their contact form. Alternatively, you can phone Hisense on 0333 800 2200 between 9:00 am – 6 pm Monday to Saturday.


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