How to fix your VIZIO M470SL IR sensor issues – the easy way!


Remotes make changing the channel or the volume on your TV so much easier than getting up every time and walking to the machine.

You should be able to kick back and relax after a hard day’s work, not having to worry about issues with your remote.

However, if you are the owner of a VIZIO TV then you may be experiencing a problem with your TV not responding to your remote.

It is a common problem with the VIZIO M470SL IR sensor and it’s very easy to test and to fix.

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What is the issue with VIZIO televisions?

It’s not all VIZIO TV’s that have a sensor issue, but it seems that the VIZIO M470SL remote’s infrared sensor is very poor.

The IR sensor is what sends the signals from the remote to the TV so if it’s faltering then you won’t be able to use your TV very well, if at all.

It’s a very common problem with this make and model for unknown reasons.

Luckily, though, it’s not hard to test and then fix this occurrence.

How to test if you’re having issues with the IR sensor in your remote

First, check whether your remote is Bluetooth or IR as a lot of TV’s nowadays use Bluetooth as the connection between them.

If it’s definitely an infrared connection then try recording the remote in use on your mobile phone as you press buttons aimed at the TV.

You should be able to see a red line pointing out of the remote and if it’s faltering it might be weak or not even there.

Another easy way of testing is by trying new batteries and seeing if you get any response from your TV.

What to do if you are having issues with the IR sensor in your remote

So, if you definitely think the issue is with the IR sensor, then there is an easy fix that many people have done before.

You can attempt to fix it yourself and order a replacement IR sensor to put onto your remote, the replacement process is fairly easy and there are many YouTube tutorials showing how to do it.


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