DOQAUS Bluetooth headphones: Insane 52 hour battery life and a bargain at that


We take a look at the DOQAUS Bluetooth headphones. With an enormous battery life, great customer reviews and cheap price, they are certainly worthy of a good look over.

DOQAUS is not a name that not everyone will recognise and they are fairly new, but they are coming out with a lot of good quality headphones for people on a budget in 2020.

While you can spend hundreds of pounds on Dre Beats or other brands, a reliable, good pair of headphones can be bought for a much lower price.

There are a few different variations of DOQAUS Bluetooth headphones available on Amazon around the £30 mark. You can decide which model is the best for you with the comparison tool on their website.

Now see what we really think about this product and what the downsides are – are they too good to be true?

doqaus bluetooth headphones
Image by Luisella Leoni from Pixabay

What do we really like about the DOQAUS Bluetooth headphones?

For one, you can pick up this amazing product for just £32.99 from Amazon, you can’t expect a better price for something that’s going to give you a great audio experience.

With up to 52 hours of Bluetooth listening time, you will always have music when you’re on the go. Even when they are not charged, you have the option to go with a wired connection and not worry about the battery.

With 3-EQ modes providing richer sound effects and better listening experience, DOQAUS is allowing you to switch between well-balanced, bass boosted and high definition sounds freely.

The DOQAUS headphones are designed for long-term wear with the soft over-ear cushions featuring advanced venting and signature ergonomic pivoting for a custom, flexible fit for any head shape.

Are there any negatives we found with this product?

The one downside is that you can’t replace the rechargeable battery within the headphones so once it wears down completely you will need to buy a new pair. However, this could take a long time – we’re talking years – to run out.

DOQAUS have said that the battery should run at optimum performance for about three years so you’ll be getting your money’s worth at least before you need a new pair.

While the sound quality is pretty good, don’t expect to be totally shook, you will enjoy listening to your favourite songs but if you’re an audiophile you may not be that impressed, but we were pleasantly surprised given the price.

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What’s our verdict on the cheap and ultra-popular DOQAUS Bluetooth headphones?

We think that these headphones are the pinnacle of the all the budget Bluetooth headphones combining stylish design and not scrimping on the quality of the headphones.

While we’ve mentioned you won’t get top tier audio, that’s expected, they are not expensive and for us, they do the job just fine.

The battery life is truly impressive with these headphones and we haven’t seen anything like this on the market to date.

Overall we think this is a good buy for just about anyone looking for a new reliable pair of headphones who doesn’t want to spend a fortune.