Toshiba 49U2963DB 49 review: TV features HDR10 and Dolby Vision

Photo by from Pexels

Toshiba continues to push out quality TV screens year after year for low prices, driving innovation and pushing the market forward as they expand operations.

We’re so used to the company coming out with winners that it’s a shock if one of their products has negative feedback.

We review one of the hottest TVs on the market – the Toshiba 49U2963DB 49-inch screen – and ask ‘is it worth the asking price?’

By the looks of things, this model has only seen rave reviews so far. However, technology isn’t perfect and there may be flaws somewhere, so we decided to take a look at this screen and give it a thorough review!

Toshiba 49U2963DB 49
Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Is this just another iteration of a similar model or something different?

While this TV is similar to other models in the series by Toshiba, it comes at such a steep discount but doesn’t take a massive hit on quality as other makes do.

With 4K Ultra HD picture quality you get sharp and clear visuals at all times, no matter what you’re watching. You’re sure to be immersed into any scene.

Dynamic Dolby Vision gives you stunning contrasts and deep colours that allow for better picture quality and highly improved viewer experience.

Being a Smart TV, you’re able to catch up on all your favourite shows through a variety of apps and use your TV as a browser if you so wish.

The price is excellent, purchase one online. The Toshiba 49U2963DB is available on AO and eBay for £239.99. For a TV of this standard, we think that’s a great price, in fact, it’s a steal!

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Are there any drawbacks with this TV?

The Toshiba 49U2963DB can be a little bit laggy when scrolling through menus at times but this isn’t something that should bother anyone immensely.

The speakers are of standard quality. But if you’re a real audio buff, then an additional speaker may be required. If you’re wanting to create a home cinema feel then why not check out this recent review we did of a soundbar from LG, pairing these two products could create a much better all-round experience.

The sound isn’t bad by any means and if you just want a standard level of sound you won’t be disappointed, the soundbar recommendation is purely for those who want something more.

Our final review on the Toshiba 49U2963DB 49-inch TV

With the Toshiba 49U2963DB, you’re sure to get excellent picture quality for a great price, it features the latest in Dolby Vision and HDR technology.

We feel that the sound is about on par with other budget TVs, however, paired with the LG soundbar mentioned above, you could create a great home cinema style set up for a great price.

For a Toshiba 49-inch TV we think that £240 is a fantastic price, it’s a great all-rounder with Smart features included.