Everything you need to know about the Virgin Media Superhub 3.0

virgin media superhub 3.0

When it comes to your internet connection it goes without saying that everyone is after a reliable, speedy connection.

Now, with Virgin Media’s hub 3.0 this should be easily achievable.

Virgin launched wifi upgrades in early 2019 meaning that wifi performance should be optimal. Their update aimed to improve hardware and reduce wi-fi issues.

Here’s everything you need to know about your hub…

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How is the Superhub 3 different from the 2.5?

The Superhub 3 is pretty much the same size as the Virgin Media hub 2.5.

Physically, the Virgin Media hub 3.0 isn’t too different from its predecessors.

However, it does come with a large two-part power lead much like a laptop charger. It’s much longer than previous power leads.

All in all, the hubs are similar, although the 3.0 has a more modern design. The most important change is that the download and upload speeds using the hub 3.0 should be much faster.

My Superhub 3 isn’t working

If you’re struggling to gain internet access using your Virgin Media hub then perhaps try checking if your device is connected correctly.

You can also restart your device or computer to see if it’s that that’s causing the issue.

If this doesn’t work we’d suggest turning off the hub and restarting it.

Check where your hub is positioned in the house. You can check your internet speeds by using the Virgin Media Connect app.

As a last resort, if your internet still isn’t working, then opt for resetting the hub. You can do this by locating the ‘reset’ pinhole on the back of the hub (beneath the ethernet points).

What do the lights mean on the Superhub 3?

The lights on your Virgin Media hub should only flash during the setting up process.

After a couple of minutes of being set up, the lights should all turn off and this means that everything is working perfectly.

The only light you want to see on constantly is the bottom base light. It should be white in colour, however, if this light turns red then that means that your hub is too hot.

Virgin Media Connect app

Virgin Media now have their own wifi app.

With the app, you can test your home wifi performance and source Virgin Media wifi hotspots while out and about.

Download the app for Android and Apple devices here.

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