Sky Go Error Code 19 c-1009: Quick & Easy Solutions

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Seeing Sky Go error code 19 c-1009 and need a quick solution?

We’ve found some different options to get to the bottom of your Sky Go error code problem.

The last thing you need when you want to watch your favourite programme is to be shown an error message.

The 19 c-1009 error code is often found with Windows PC users.

But for whichever device you’re using, here’s how to fix your Sky Go error code 19 c-1009.

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Is it my device that’s affecting Sky Go?

Now and again your device may just play up.

If you think this could be the case then go for the old technique of turning your laptop, tablet or phone off and restarting it again.

This will refresh everything and can sometimes take a few attempts before the Sky Go app starts working.

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Sign out of your account

The error code may be appearing due to an account issue.

Whether you’re using a Microsoft account, Google or Apple, it’s always worth signing out of the account and logging back in.

If this still doesn’t work you could create a brand new account and download the Sky Go app.

The app may work if you create another user account on your device and start afresh. But of course, we know you want the Sky Go app to work on your own original account, so only go for this option if you really need to.

Reinstall the Sky Go app

If turning your device off and on again and signing out of the app hasn’t worked for you, then it’s best to uninstall the Sky Go app and reinstall it again.

This is quite simple to do on whichever device you’re using.

Select the Sky Go app and choose the ‘delete’ option, then head to the Google app store or Apple store to redownload the app.

Agree to the Sky Go Terms and Conditions

It may sound strange but more often than not, the Sky Go app can show an error code because you’ve not signed the Terms and Conditions upon signing up.

Make sure you’re fully signed into the app with the Terms and Conditions checked and ticked before trying to use Sky Go.

Could my internet connection be the issue?

It’s always advisable to have a quick check of your wi-fi connection if you’re experiencing problems with the Sky Go app.

Some error codes appear due to a lack of connectivity.

So, make sure your internet hub is turned on and fully functioning before connecting your device and using the Sky Go app.

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