Everything you need to know about Toshiba’s ultra-HD TV: Best prices and more!

Toshiba 43u6863db

There are so many TVs to choose from we really are spoilt for choice these days.

LEDs, plasmas and Smart TVs are just a few of the options with new releases hitting the shelves every day.

TVs no longer just provide you with a simple screen to watch, options ranging from sound cloud, Freeview and blue tooth capabilities, are all key features to consider when it comes to making your decision on what TV to buy.

Toshiba brings an extensive range of televisions to the table, today we take a look at one of them.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Toshiba 43u6863db.

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Five key features of the Toshiba 43u6863db

Toshiba is well known for …

  1. With a 43 inch screen, mounting this TV on the wall gives you a great cinema experience.
  2. You can enjoy your favorite shows and movies in crystal clear 4K Ultra HD.
  3. Expect less blur with a high-quality picture running at 50 Hz.
  4. XSound Pro gives you clear sound for full immersion audio, ensuring excellent sound quality.
  5. The TV comes with a built-in speaker system along with a subwoofer so you really feel the bass.

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Where to buy Toshiba’s 4K Ultra HD TV

Released in 2018 the television is available to view on Amazon.

Remember the u6863db comes with built-in Freeview for all your favorite channels.

The TV also works with Amazon Alexa for voice control and has Bluetooth audio support.


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