Fix Sky Go Error Code 17d: Get the TV App Running Issue-Free


If the Sky Go app isn’t running properly it can be a real headache. When ‘Error code 17d’ shows up on your device screen, it can be very unfortunate.

Sky Go is an online television service provided by Sky Group which is free for any Sky TV subscriber. The platform allows its users to watch live and on-demand Sky via an internet connection through different devices.

Sky is one of Britain’s most successful telecommunications companies, it has over 23 million subscribers in 2020.

Despite being surpassed in 2007 by Freeview as being Britain’s biggest TV service, there is no doubt that Sky is hugely popular. Sometimes, even the best of the best can come with its technical issues and complications. But don’t panic, follow these simple steps to get your TV app running issue-free!

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Sky Go Error Code 17d – What Is It?

Sky has now made it possible to watch your favourite TV shows from pretty much any device you own. This way, TV viewing is super easy and far more accessible for its users. Although, one thing that a lot of Sky users have been questioning is errors occurring when using the Sky Go App.

From black screens to login issues, the root of the issue can be somewhat unclear. A quick way to find out if it is simply a download issue is to delete the app, restart your device and try again.

Sky has released multiple error codes with different names or tags which makes it tricky to establish what solution is needed to solve your problem.

Here, we will talk you through different ways of getting your Sky Go app up and running again, free of any complications.

Why Do Sky Go App Errors Occur?

With all sorts of issues that could be occurring, it is sometimes hard to pinpoint the exact problem in your app.

The problem could be to do with internet connection issues, the app not being updated or your device needing to reboot itself.

These are all problems that can easily be resolved; so stick with us and find out how to fix ‘Error code 17d’ on Sky Go.

If you are a Google Chrome browser user, unfortunately, we have some bad news for you. The Sky Go app is no longer compatible with its service. We would advise switching to a service that is compatible such as Internet Explorer.

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Sky Go App: How to Fix ‘Error Code 17d’

Depending on your device, the quickest way to fix things is to restart your device.

Alternatively, you can delete the app from your device and download the latest version from the Sky website.

Xbox One users have indicated that an issue with their app is viewing just a black screen. Below are some basic troubleshooting methods we advise following when this happens.

To reinstall the app on an Xbox One, follow these steps:

  • Find [my games] followed by [app title]
  • Press the [start] button on your controller and click [uninstall]
  • Locate the [store] and click on [apps menu]
  • Search for the Sky Go app and start installing

Hopefully, after this, you will have downloaded the up-to-date, issue-free app and you can get started watching all your favourite programmes.

Another issue that users often find is that the Sky account is not linked to your individual Sky ID. You need to log in to your personal account in order to stream shows.

If you have forgotten your password to your account, you’ll need to get in contact with Sky via phone or website to change your login details.

How to Avoid Sky Go Error Codes

In order to avoid Sky Go error codes occurring in the future, you should always be checking for the latest Sky Go updates.

When running an older version of the app, errors are more likely to occur. This is because the outdated app lacks important data required to run.

Another crucial aspect to remember is to always check your internet connection. The app simply will not run if it isn’t connected to the internet. Having a slow Wi-Fi connection means your internet connection will take a while to load.

After following these tips, hopefully, your app is working again and you’re back to catching up with your favourite box sets or sitting down for a live programme.

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