What to Do If Your Samsung TV Red Light is Blinking 5 Times


Are you trying to figure out what to do since your Samsung TV red light is blinking five times?

Samsung is one of the most highly respected technology companies worldwide. In fact, the South Korean conglomerate sold over 157 million TV units in 2018 alone!

So, if you’ve invested in a Samsung TV, you might be surprised if an issue arises.

However, there’s no need to worry because we have several popular solutions to this problem, which we will break down in this guide!

What to Do If Your Samsung TV Red Light is Blinking 5 Times?
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Samsung TV Blinking Red Light Codes

If the red light of your Samsung TV is blinking several times, there are various ‘codes’ that we can associate to that blink. However, the one we’re concerned about specifically is when the red light blinks five times.

Many people love to sit down following a long, busy day to watch their favourite TV programmes. When doing so, the last thing you need is a technical error.

If you’ve dealt with a Samsung TV that has a red light which is blinking five times, do not fret. This issue is not unheard of among Samsung TV users. The following guide will break down the steps needed to get your TV up and running as normal again.

Generally, this blinking issue is a sign of a power management problem.

From the cause of this error to the solutions, let’s discuss what to do if your Samsung TV red light is blinking five times!

What to Do If Your Samsung TV Red Light is Blinking 5 Times

If your Samsung TV simply won’t turn on, then it’s certainly going to be more challenging to troubleshoot the problem.

What to do if your Samsung TV isn’t turning on:

  • Contact Samsung through their help service online.
  • Drop off your TV at a Samsung collection point.
  • Have your TV’s mainboard replaced.

It’s possible that on contacting their online service, Samsung will recommend additional solutions for you to try yourself. This will ultimately depend on the nature of the problem and what you can see about the problem on the surface.

Alternatively, you can use Samsung’s online service centre to find an authorised service partner.

Use the following steps to hire a professional:

  • Contact Samsung’s online service centre.
  • Get a visit from an appropriate professional in your local area.

Samsung TV Standby Light Flashing – Solutions

If it is the case that the TV is still turning on, you may see a backlight on the screen without any picture, or you may still have a picture.

Should this be the scenario you’re dealing with, then it’s probably an error that can be solved by DIY.

You may find that the TV turns on and is functioning perfectly, apart from a red blinking light.

If the TV is turning on okay, use these steps to solve the flashing light:

  • Check the power supply.
  • Take a look at the HDMI connections.

Sometimes, a TV error may be the result of something as straightforward as a faulty connection.

The TV source might not be selected correctly on the other hand.

To check if the TV is on the wrong source, try the following steps:

  • Use the ‘AV’ button on your TV to scroll through the sources available.
  • Select the input you’re looking for.

If after trying the aforementioned suggestions, the screen is still black and the red light continues to blink, there may be a deeper problem at hand.

If you have great DIY skills and are confident with tech, you could fix this problem with a soldering iron to replace the mainboard and motherboard on your own.

With that said, it is best practice to hire a professional.

Once again, you can do this with Samsung’s online tool for finding an authorised service partner.

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Samsung TV Red Light Blinking 6 Times

Whether the red light on your Samsung TV blinks five times or six, it generally means that there is a problem related to the power supply.

With a bit of luck on your side, it will hopefully be an external problem like the AV source, a loose wire, or possibly even a minor glitch with your HDMI cable.

A console such as a PlayStation or Xbox being plugged in simultaneously can also be the cause of this problem.

Should you suspect a console is the cause, employ the following steps:

  • Plug out any external hardware.
  • Turn your TV back on.
  • Check to see if the screen will come on once you’ve selected the right source.

In many cases, users of Samsung TVs will discover that the red blinking light error is the result of a mainboard fault, in which case it’s best to have Samsung assist you in fixing the problem.

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Samsung TV Light Blinking: Solved!

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