Fix the Xbox error code 0X80072F8F for good in just a few steps

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Xbox error code 0X80072F8F can often appear at the worst time, usually when you just want to relax and play your games!

Game consoles don’t come with many errors compared to computers or phones but they’re often harder to solve when you do come across one.

With fewer people experiencing the error, there is less information available on the issue so it’s not the easiest thing to tackle.

Luckily we have found some simple solutions that we can walk you through that should get your Xbox up and running again.

For the majority of people, this should resolve the problem for good and you will be able to play the newest Xbox games in no time at all.

xbox error code 0x80072f8f
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What is causing the Xbox error code 0X80072F8F?

When using your Xbox, text may appear signalling an error that reads: “There is a problem with the update. You need this update to use your console, but something went wrong.”

So why would there be a problem with the update? Is this on your end or is this a fault with Microsoft and the Xbox service?

Usually, this means that there is a problem with your connection to WiFi or a connection to the Xbox Live servers.

There may have been an update trying to download and because of a connection error somewhere along the line, you were unable to download this essential update.

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Checking the Xbox Live Servers for error

Luckily, this is only a transient error that should last for a short amount of time and is easy enough to fix.

First of all, we recommend checking the status of the Xbox Live servers to see if it’s a problem on that end.

You can see the status of Xbox Live servers here and if they are all ticked green then we can assume the problem is on your end and move ahead with the troubleshooting.

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Restarting your router and testing your Xbox connection

As with many problems of this nature, one of the easiest things you can try is restarting your router.

Unplug your WiFi router for about 30 seconds and plug it back in. Try to reconnect your Xbox and check to see if the error has fixed itself.

The last thing to try is checking your connection to the network and the servers. Start by pressing the large X in the middle of your controller.

Select “System”, “Settings”, “General”, “Network Settings” and then “Test network speed & statistics.” If the test shows more than a 5% packet loss you should give our team a call and they can help you troubleshoot your network performance.

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