LG 50UK6750PLD TV explored: Is this your next tech purchase?


In a market that is becoming overcrowded and over technical with large OLED Ultra HDR screens, the LG 50UK6750PLD stands out for many reasons.

There is a lot to like with this new model from LG and we’ve had our experts look over the specs to find out what the new TV has to offer.

So many improvements have been made to TV screens in recent years that it’s hard to keep track of what specs to look out for.

After a full review of this TV, we believe it is one of the best on the market and well worth the money. You can find out how good we think this TV is by reading our full review below.

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The technical specs of the LG 50UK6750PLD

The stunning 50-inch screen has full 4K resolution which is four times greater than HD, so you can be sure of great picture quality.

Along with that, 4K active HDR brings you the most vibrant and bright colours possible, making things pop off the screen.

Local dimming is another special feature that dims the backlight to provide deeper and darker colours on the screen – great for movie lovers.

The built-in speakers are 10W each which provides a good level of sound for an average room size.

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Are there any bad points about this TV?

The LG 50UK6750PLD offers a combination of amazing screen features. However, there may be some movie-lovers out there that want to boost the audio.

If you are using the TV in a larger room then we would recommend you buy some external speakers and use the “Ultra surround” mode to turn your room into a theatre.

Best deals for the LG 50UK6750PLD

There are plenty of deals going around for this TV.

Richer sounds have it on sale, as well as John Lewis and Amazon, who also stock the TV which also features an A-Class Energy Rating.