LG 50UK6750PLD vs Samsung UE50NU7400: Which TV comes out on top?


It can be hard to tell these days which model of TV is best if you don’t have mountains of technical expertise.

We’ve looked through the specs and aim to give you a final verdict on which TV is the better model.

We put two top TVs to the test to find out which one is worth your money, the Samsung UE50NU7400 versus the LG 50UK6750PLD.

Your Fix Guide takes a look at the good and the bad to give you an unbiased opinion on which TV you should buy this year.

Read below to find out where you should be spending your money.

lg 50uk6750pld vs samsung ue50nu7400
LG 50uk6750pld vs Samsung ue50nu7400

Starting with the Samsung UE50NU7400: Why is this the TV to go with?

Not only can the Samsung show video in 4K but if you’re watching something in a lower quality, it can handle that too because the model can stream in all qualities.

Vibrant crystal colour helps to bring out the realism in everything you watch as its 64 times better than UHD TVs.

A narrow bezel allows you to see the whole screen without it being broken up, which makes for a much better picture.

The Samsung UE50NU7400 Can Be Found Here and comes in at £585 which is a really great price for a TV with this amount of high tech features.

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Moving on to the LG 50UK6750PLD: Does it compare?

The LG 50UK6750PLD Can Be Found Here and is known for its amazing picture quality with full 4K video and 4K Ultra HDR capabilities.

The LG also comes with local dimming, which allows for darker colours to be much more pronounced.

Built-in speakers are adequate for an average-sized room, but an external speaker is advised so you can use the “Ultra surround” mode.

In our opinion, this is a really good TV with a solid price of £385 that should serve well for gaming or general viewing.

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Samsung UE50NU7400 vs LG 50UK6750PLD: The final verdict!

Being exactly the same size puts neither at a distinct advantage and there isn’t much difference in the price either with the Samsung just slightly more expensive than the LG TV.

They are very similar in terms of specs with the Samsung being able to support lower video quality as well as the higher end.

The Samsung model also has more advanced colour technology and has higher specs for gaming.

All things considered, we say that it comes down to brand preference. Both the Samsung and the LG are fantastic models to purchase in 2019. But if you’re more of a fan of one brand than the other then there’s your answer!