Samsung A80 review UK: A bit of novelty never hurt anyone!


The Samsung Galaxy A80 offers something different for the UK customer, so we thought we’d take a closer look at what this mobile phone has to offer.

With a number of interesting features, including the interesting pop-up camera that we’ll get to later, this phone is a unique model on the market.

Some reviews label the A80 as “the best Galaxy yet”, and we’d be wrong to dispute that after carrying out this review.

The model certainly has a lot going for it as it doesn’t just deliver aesthetically but it’s also very practical.

Let’s take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly with the Samsung Galaxy A80!

Samsung A80 review UK
Samsung A80 review UK

A pop-up camera? A surprisingly fun and novel idea

The main selling point of the Samsung A80 is the fascinating addition of a popup camera that rotates.

But although we can certainly give props for how innovative this idea is, the camera does lack some quality that other phones can offer on the market, so it will lose a few points for people who love to snap away.

It comes with a decent 3,700 mAh battery which provides enough battery life to power you through the day.

Ultra-fast charging is a nice touch as it won’t take long for your phone to have at least 50% charge again.

Are there any bad points to the Samsung Galaxy A80?

This is one of the latest models in the Galaxy collection, therefore theoretically, the latest and greatest.

However, while using the phone, its performance could be deemed a little slower compared to other phones with similar specs.

What the Samsung A80 does have, though, is a high-resolution screen that far surpasses most of the similar competitors!

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Our final verdict on the Samsung Galaxy A80

Here at Your Fix Guide, we love nothing more than trying out a new phone. In our opinion, the Samsung Galaxy A80 is a solid handset for the price you’ll pay.

The camera is obviously different from those you’ll find on other phones, so there’s a major plus if you like that element.