Here’s How To Fix The Sky TV Error Code 35abcd

Sky TV Error Code 35abcd

Sky TV users can encounter a number of error codes, such as 35abcd, and it’s often hard to find answers on how to correct them.

There are a number of forums that can help but it takes way too much time to find a solution to your exact problem.

That’s why we’ve gone to the trouble of finding the answer to your issue ourselves and condensed it into one short guide.

Our experts have years of experience dealing with pesky Sky TV errors and know the ins and outs of the service.

Read below to find out what this error is and how to solve it quickly.

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What is Sky TV error code 35abcd?

Error codes popping up on Sky TV can be any number of things, from needing an update to problems with your cables.

The Sky TV error code 35abcd relates to issues with your Sky box and the frequency it is using.

If there is a difference between the frequencies your Sky box is using to the frequencies the channels are being provided in, you won’t be able to receive your usual channels.

But, there’s no need to worry this is easily fixable with the help of this guide from Your Fix Guide.

How to fix this common Sky error code

Press and hold the standby button on your remote, this will put it into standby, wait five minutes before turning it back on and see if this resolves the issue.

It could be a problem with your dish input, be sure to turn off your box at the mains before checking all cables are plugged in securely and have no damage.

Make sure your signal strength is good by switching your Sky box to standby and disconnecting, then reconnecting the satellite cables to Dish Input 1 and 2.

It could be that the dish itself has been knocked out of alignment and needs to be moved into the correct position.

What other errors come with an easy fix?

There are a number of error codes that we have written guides about how to fix here in our blogs.

Your Sky box can sometimes be stuck in Standby mode and it usually just takes turning it off at the mains to reset.

Some channels will occasionally pop up with mysterious error codes but more often than not if you switch channels and go back to it, the error should sort itself out.

An extremely common error is the Sky box not receiving any signal, this could be due to bad weather or many other factors including loose cables.


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